July 26, 2017

Christmas In July 2017

We celebrate Christmas in July every year, but this year was a bit more meaningful. For the first time in her twenty one years, Madison will not be home for Christmas. This year, she is spending Christmas in Denmark with Nicolas and his family. With that in mind, I tried to make this smaller celebration a bit more special for my firstborn. And it was.

I woke up early and lit the candle that my children say smells like "Christmas at Home" to them.

Then Flynn and I set the table for a special Christmas breakfast...

 French Toast, fresh fruit, coffee, and milk.

The kids opened a few gifts I wrapped up for them...

And then we watched one of our favorite Christmas specials together.

Flynn was thrilled that our little elf Zip came to spend the day with us...

And that she could carry him around all day!

Peyton and Flynn made some yummy chocolate cupcakes for a special snack...

And we enjoyed them with some cocoa and Christmas trivia before bed.

And then we said goodbye to Christmas.
For just a little while. : )


  1. This is so sweet Billie Jo! What a fun tradition.

  2. Thanks for making the day sooo special! I loved every second of it! <3

  3. Billie Jo
    When our daughter spent her first Christmas away from home she was in Hawaii, pregnant with her first child and her husband was deployed to Iraq. To make it special for her I got a box and decorated it and called it her Advent Box. I found 24 special gifts and wrapped them. Each day when she got up she had a special pkg. to open that would help her celebrate Christmas. It started with an advent wreath and was filled with special things that would remind her of Christmas at home. She loved it and it gave her something to look forward to everyday. I know that Christmas in July was special for your daughter and the rest of the family. P. Trexler

    1. Oh my goodness!
      Thank you so much!
      This is a wonderful idea. : )

  4. We did something similar for our girls when they couldn't get home. This year we will be sending little gifts for each Advent Sunday to our daughters/son-in-laws/grandchildren. I am loving the Christmas in July movies on TV at the moment such fun.

  5. OH Billie Jo... You really DID have Christmas. I just did a fun, goofy little day but you HAD CHRISTMAS! Oh that mug and reindeer for Zip (heart swelling) From the mugs set up next to your candle to the special breakfast and all that in between... it was such a magical day.
    I won't even go into the longing of wanting your girl to be home this Christmas mixed with the joy and happiness that she's found herself, her life. I know that you must hold both. I am so very happy that your family was able to have this magical day together. You made it beautiful!

  6. I love this. What a gift you have for celebrating life. What an opportunity for your girl to celebrate Christmas in Denmark, but how bittersweet for your family. I am so very glad that you know ahead of time though. It would be very hard if you knew much later in the year. Hugs to you my friend! Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. What a great day! I can barely get my act together enough to have gifts under the tree on Christmas day so I'm quite impressed that you had gifts under the tree for all your kiddos. I'm Madison really enjoyed this special day.

  8. Billie Jo, you are a special mother. I know your family enjoyed celebrating Christmas while your daughter is home. This is a bittersweet time when our chicks leave the nest. But I suspect her heart will always be at home. ♥

  9. Oh what a Christmas in July. I couldn't pull it off this year but it is a lovely tradition. So glad you were able to have some special time with Madison and Nicolas. A Danish Christmas gives me heart eye emojis though... but my heart is breaking for you because I know how hard that must be.

  10. You and Tara are killing me with these Christmas in July posts!!! I am so sad that Summer is just about over here but so excited for Fall and the holiday season. I can't imagine the bittersweet feelings of knowing you will be missing Madison this upcoming Christmas :( I bet she's going to miss being home for Christmas more than you'll know!

  11. You are the best, most fun mom, ever!
    Hugs to everyone there!

  12. How wonderful that you can have this celebration of Christmas with your daughter, even though she will not be home for Christmas. I love the idea of celebrating Christmas in July as well. I have been burning my Christmas candles, and I was just listening to Christmas music in my car this morning! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Hugs. Juli

  13. Billie Jo, this is so lovely!!! I feel like I was there with you in spirit ♥ Such a fun day! I'm so happy you went all out this year! : ) I'll share pictures of my day soon! xoxo

  14. You know I could not love this more, kindred soul of mine! We had to delay our celebration as my poor Mumsy was sick. And we don't want to do it without her! I told her even if it has to be Christmas in August we'll get it done. ;)
    Blessings on the weekend ahead. xoxo


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