December 6, 2019

All The December Fun Around Here

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
Steve sent those beautiful pictures to me last weekend while he was hunting.
It seems he was enjoying the scenery, which was a good thing because there were no deer to be found. He and Rhett had fun though. Clearly!

Flynn was excited for the arrival of precious little elf, Zip.
He finally arrived this week and has been making my girl smile every morning.

Because. Puppies.
(Photography by Flynn.)

Peyton joined Chris and his family for her first-ever trip to the Christmas tree farm! She loved it!

Madison and Nicolas hosted our family movie night, and it was awesome! Madison brought some of Nicolas' beloved Denmark and his Danish traditions to our home with a Disney movie found HERE. They served a delicious Danish dessert called Risengrød, which means rice porridge.

Flynn worked at Madison's store last weekend for Small Business Saturday!
All three of my girls worked together. 

Advent began. 
Such a beautiful time of year.

And if you are looking for an easy, delicious dessert, try this Chocolate Chip Pie.
The recipe is right HERE.

Have a festive weekend, my friends.
Any plans?
Mine involve coffee, a couch, a blanket, and a good book.

Don't forget about the giveaway in my last post!
I'll post the winners on Sunday!


  1. Risengrod (no Danish keyboard on my phone) is my very favorite. Just the picture makes my heart so happy. I need to make some this weekend!

  2. This post is so cozy! <3 I love the pictures of the snow!! It is currently 60 degrees here! ;-) Happy Friday!

  3. The snow pictures are beautiful. I especially like the one of the road beneath the canopy of snowy branches. How peaceful looking.

    Wow, Flynn is quite good with the camera. Those are great photos of your sweet puppy.

    That pie looks yummy. I will take a small bite!

    This weekend is looking to be pretty calm, which is a good thing, since next weekend is going to be mayhem. All I've got going on is a baby shower tomorrow morning. Am excited to gift her with a book from my blogger friend! There's a Boise State playoff game tomorrow, and we have tickets. I really don't want to go, since I have the baby shower in the morning, so Gary asked a friend to go with him. That means, it will be just me and my dogs and a book tomorrow afternoon!

    Enjoy your weekend. Oh, and I forgot to say, very pretty advent candle.

  4. We have a Swedish,rice pudding very much like that served with lingon berries.

  5. Chocolate chip pie -- count me in! The snow looks so pretty -- but I can wait until January to enjoy it again. We had some earlier so enjoying the non-snow days! Have a great weekend!

  6. I love all of your pictures. The snowy scenes are beautiful and I think its so cool that all your girls got to work together! Have a cozy weekend!

  7. Wow, your kids are sure growing up. Such a beautiful family. I love your pictures. So neat your girls all got to work together. So glad Madison and Nicolas live nearby. Have a good weekend.

  8. Wow what a beautiful winter wonderland they were hunting in. I'm kinda glad there wasn't any deer to be found shhh don't tell your husband. I'm glad Zip the Elf arrived, those little elves aways make for a fun time! Man Christmas tree hunting, yummy desserts and fun movies. Your family really has the holiday dialed in and as for you, a couch, coffee, blanket and a good book, yep you know how to be relax and be cozy.
    Have a great weekend!!

  9. Billie Jo, I know I say this a lot, but Ms. Flynn is sure growing up...where has that little girl gone too? (smiles)

    I am so happy that you are happy, smiles.

  10. Loved the pictures today- that snow is absolutely beautiful!! And chocolate chip pie? Hmmmm, that sounds kinda perfect! :) And what fun to see your three girls all working together- that WOULD be a dream come true. :)

  11. Love your photos, as always! :) I also love your advent wreath candle holder. Have a great weekend!

  12. Those snow pictures are gorgeous! And that porridge looks delicious! My weekend is packed, as it seems they have been for months. I went to work early this morning to put the flags at half staff for Pearl Harbor Day. Then visited a dear friend who is in assisted living; helped Beth get ready to go to a movie with some friends; went at the store for a few things; got ready to go to a Christmas party and got home from that party at 10pm. Now for tomorrow... :)

  13. The snowy scenery is just beautiful!! I love all your sweet pics, dogs, kids, food, etc..what could be better??
    I'm hoping to get some decorating done today, well, after I get caught up on blog reading. :)

  14. The Danish dessert looks so Yummy. I thought it was oatmeal at first. This is a cute picture of your daughter. She has a sweet smile. Your snow pictures are wonderful and made my heart sing! The second one with the trail should be in a magazine.....magical.



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