December 2, 2019

What I'm Doing In December...And What I'm Not

It's December! The merriest month of the year. December arrives with the promise of glistening snow, days filled with anticipation, and a generally festive mood all around. It also brings, if one allows, frantic days full of racing against the clock in an effort to cross yet another item off the never-ending list of things to accomplish. In the words of my best friend Marian, I reject that idea of December. I don't want these few remaining weeks leading up to the most beautiful days of the year to be hectic and stressful. Rather, I want them to be calm, meaningful, joyful, and, of course, cozy. 

To that end, I intend this month to do less
  1. mindless and reckless online shopping
  2. Pinterest scrolling for ideas I don't need
  3. elaborate planning of family events
  4. counting calories, carbs, and points to the point of being distracted
  5. worrying about getting everything done
  6. comparing this year to past Christmas celebrations
  7. feeling guilty for saying No, Thank you
  8. thinking ahead to January and beyond.
And spend more time
  1. sitting by the tree in the early morning with my coffee
  2. serving simple dinners with little preparation
  3. reading the stack of Christmas books we have collected
  4. listening to classic Christmas music 
  5. enjoying weekly afternoon tea with my kids
  6. reading and appreciating the Christmas cards we receive
  7. calling loved ones to say hello
  8. snuggling with my family in our Christmas home, safe, sound, and happy.
That's the plan anyway.
I'll let you know how it goes!

Happy December, my friends.


  1. Oh how I love this list...smiles. A very happy December to you my friend.

  2. I needed this:) Have a blessed and stress-free day, I am going to follow your lead. HUGS!

  3. Great ideas. i am totally in favor of making December less hectic and remembering the true meaning of Christmas!

  4. Yes, to all of it!!! Enjoy sweet friend.

  5. Lovely, now if I could just do this.

  6. That's a good plan. I hope I can take on board some of these ideas myself. X

  7. What a great list of activities to enjoy during December. All of them are soothing to the soul! As for Pinterest, I actually found I had to get off there a couple years ago. It created discontent in me. I recognize it's not Pinterest's fault---it's my own attitude---but it was always fueled when I was on there. And as my former pastor used to say, "If you have a problem with donuts, don't go by the donut shop."


  8. That sounds like a perfect way to spend the month.

  9. No to Instagram and pinterest = content and happiness for me

  10. I LOVE your ideas for December; we can all strive for the same thing.

  11. An excellent list! Absolutely good goals!

  12. You always have the cutest coffee cups, Billie Jo. The Christmas season is so special, and it's nice that you want to be calm, peaceful, and joyful through it all. There are so many distractions out there, and I've had a few of my own, but let us rejoice and savor this beautiful Christmas season together. Your list is wonderful.


  13. Your list is a good one. :) Jeff and I have started watching the Christmas movies (mostly Hallmark ones so far that I have borrowed from the library) and have had fun decorating the house. We did a few Christmassy things while my sister was here too and that brought back so many precious memories for me. I loved seeing the excitement and wonder on her face as we enjoyed them together.

  14. I do like your plan for December. I think I may have to do up one of my own, especially as the summer school holidays are about to begin! xx Susan

  15. I found myself saying yup! as i went down the lists. the only thing I gave into this year was making more cookies then intended to gift to others. I actually enjoyed my "less" is more christmas this year and so did my family.


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