September 11, 2023

Monday Morning Coffee


Good Monday morning, my friends! Thank you for all the Happy Birthday wishes for Steve. He had a wonderful birthday, as depicted in the following few photos. His day started with breakfast at a new place, where Peyton and Christopher surprised him!!! They were vacationing nearby and came to celebrate his birthday with him. This super secret mission was devised and executed by the kids themselves. Steve was so happy! 

We received these pictures of some of their delicious breakfasts.

Not to be outdone, I promptly responded with an image of what my delicious, if not nutritious, breakfast was. I'm sure they were jealous. 

They spent part of Steve's birthday getting some things ready at the new house. Flynn and I were home enjoying school; really, we actually enjoy it! Then Madison, Nicolas, Rhett, and Kyrstin took Steve to a new restaurant for his birthday dinner. They all had a wonderful time, and I am so thankful to my children for making Steve's day super special. 

Saturday, while they were on their way home, my best friend Heather came over, and Flynn helped us make our favorite apples. We have a wonderful friend named Frank, who had a shop here in town, and his wife made the most delicious apples. We bought them for every holiday. Last fall, she passed, and Frank closed the store. One day, shortly before Christmas, Frank came over with apples he had made himself. We were so touched by his thoughtfulness. Frank then offered to come over and teach us how to make them. So one day last winter, he did! And they were delicious as always. 

Heather suggested we make some before I head down to Maryland, so after a consultation with Frank, we did. They turned out great! Although not as aesthetically pleasing as Frank's wonderful wife's, they are every bit as delicious. And I have one set aside for Frank. You may think they look similar to any caramel apple covered in chocolate. You are partially correct. Want to know what makes these apples so extra?? There is a layer of peanut butter between the caramel and the chocolate! Let's keep that just between us.

And finally, while I was sitting home under my fall throw blanket eating apples, Steve was off at the Steeler game! He took Rhett, Kyrstin, and her brother to the game, and although they gave him a hard time about wearing a 49ers jersey, he came out the victor, as our Steelers lost the home opener 30-7. Could make for a long season. 

Have a cozy Monday, my friends. September is moving along, and I fear I am not fully embracing fall as I should be. But then, with temperatures in the 90s, it is hard to do. This week looks cooler, thank goodness! This is the last full week we will be here in Pennsylvania until November, and I miss my pumpkin decor. Soon! Thank you for visiting! I am always thankful you do!

Leaving you with this today. 

The passage of time will never diminish America's courage on September 11, 2001.




  1. Those apples are filled with chocolatey goodness. That's a wonderful idea to make some before heading to Maryland. The wrapping with ties add a special touch. That's a cute picture of Madison and dad. I've always loved all white outfits in fashion. I chuckled at the cereal you bought, I'll have to look for that. ; ) Have a safe journey to Maryland, my friend, and Happy Fall days to you too!


  2. Fun time at yours, BillieJo! Here summer is refusing to let go, so while the days are getting shorter they are still very hot and very humid. We as so ready to move on to the new season!

  3. What a delicious looking birthday celebration. And your apples look awesome! Can't wait to see your decor!

  4. What sweet surprises for Steve! Happy belated birthday to him. 🎉 Your kids are so mature and sweet and wonderful!! And those caramel apples sound absolutely mouthwatering! I love that you saved one for Frank too. 💗 Feeling Fall more in the air here everyday. Looking forward to all the Fall, spooky, homeschooling, family fun time you share in the months ahead. ;) xoxo

  5. A sweet celebration and thank you for letting us join in with all these super photos.

  6. I'm glad Steve had a nice birthday. Time with kids is the best gift!
    Those apples look amazing, and the addition of peanut butter is brilliant.
    Yes, we will never forget.

  7. The apples look so delicious! Thanks for sharing the "secret" recipe. I need to try that. Amen to your final thought. God bless the U.S.A. and all who love and protect her! Have a good week.

  8. My husband is a diehard Steelers fan! While all the Texans are rooting for the Cowboys, he's keeping his eye on The Steelers!

    What a great bunch of kids you and Steve have!

  9. I'm so glad Steve had a great birthday. And those apples look delicious!!


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