May 4, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy weekend and Happy May, my friends. This weekend finds us saying "See you soon!" to our Madison, as she returns to Denmark to finish her Danish language course and pack up her belongings before she and Nicolas return here in late June. To stay for an entire year! With us! YAY! We are so very happy, but at the same time, realize that his family will miss them both terribly. I am so very thankful to them for caring for and loving my girl while she was with them these past two years. We are indeed blessed.

Here is a look at some of the fun we had here this past week...

Saturday was Mass,

And Sunday was brunch.

We enjoyed a cozy, snowy day inside,

And a beautiful, sunny day outside.
My mom stayed with us this week,
and we had the best time!
She loves riding in the Jeep!

Madison did my Mom's makeup and she looked just beautiful.
I love this photo of them.
They have a very special relationship, and it touches my heart to think of my Mom taking care of Madison as a baby, and now Madison helping her Grandma all these years later. 
Circle of life, right there. : )

I follow Chris Harrison on social media. 
Because. Who doesn't?!
He posted this picture of himself doing the voice overs for The Bachelorette!!!!

Love this guy!

Insert random photo of Elk crossing the road.
Just another day here, my friends.

My baby girl celebrating our recent visit to the dentist.
Our streak continues!
Twenty one and a half years, four kids, no cavities!!!!!!

Have a happy and blessed and sunny weekend.
If you think of it, send up a prayer on Sunday for my girl, would you?
Thanks so much for all the kindness and love, my friends.
I appreciate it more than you know!


  1. 4 kiddos and no cavities. That's impressive. Will be praying for sweet Madison as she travels. Happy Weekend friend.

  2. I know you hate to see Madison leave, but knowing she will be back soon helps. Enjoyed all the pictures you posted, especially the brunch.....mmmmm. You have such a wonderful family and extended are blessed for sure.

  3. Love all of these photos! I have had an amazing time during my time home. LOVE YOU!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  4. Prayers will be said for Madison. Looks like a great week. I smiled at the elk crossing a little like here with the sheep.

  5. Yeah we had two and ourselves with no cavities and then the youngest came along and the doctor rubbed his hands together told us our family was starving him to death but he would make up for it with her. Boy did he. I love those long skinny bird legs.

  6. What lovely photos, my friend. Safe travels and prayers for Madison and Nicolas. smles

  7. A perfect week! Will definitely pray for save travels for Madison. How exciting to have them both with you for a year?! Will your yard grow dandelions for Flynn this year? Fingers crossed it will!!

  8. I love that photo of you and your Mom in your jeep! She is so youthful and you??? You look all of 23! The love you have for your mom just glows through you... I can see it!

  9. I love that Madison did your mother's makeup! She looked so beautiful! I will say a prayer on Sunday for safe travels back to Denmark ♥ How awesome that they are coming back for a year!!!! As always, Sunday brunch looks delicious! Have a great weekend, my friend! xx

  10. I'm thrilled Madison is coming back. You must be so very happy.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  11. LOVE your random photos! Especially the ones of your Mom! She is a beautiful lady and I know you are happy to have her with you:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  12. Prayers lifted for safe travels or your sweet girl! Love the photos you shared and said "wow" at the one of the elk! Happy weekend!

  13. Prayers for your sweetie as she travels back. And how exciting that you will have them for a whole year?! I love all the pictures, but the ones of your mom?? The best!

  14. Loving all the pics. Everyone looks so happy and fun, esp your sweet mom.

  15. Hi Billie Jo!

    Photo Friday is always a good day on your sweet blog! Loved all the pictures of your beautiful family, and how wonderful that Madison will be coming home! Your mom is so sweet, I love that Madison did her make-up, what fun to be pampered by your granddaughter ;0)

    Hugs and Love,

  16. How exciting that they will be living with you for a year!!! I know you are thrilled!!!! I can't believe 2 years has gone by so fast!

  17. HI Billie Jo, I've been on a long blog break, so it's been quite awhile since I've been by your place. I had been wondering if your daughter was still living in Denmark. I see she is, but only for a time.

    Wow, 21 years, 4 kids, and no cavities! You have taught them some fantastic dental health habits! That's great.

    Such a beautiful family you have.

    Patti (formerly Joy in the Middle, now Celebrating Our Days)

  18. Catching up (as always - Lol!) Love seeing the pics of your daily life and beautiful fam! I saw on insta that Madison passed...yay!! That photo with her and your Mom is so precious. I'm hoping to get to a regular blog routine once school is done for my kiddos. Thanks for your patience dear blogland Bud! xoxo


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