November 17, 2017

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday, friends. I hope today finds you happy, healthy, and ready for a cozy weekend with the ones you love. We have some fun things planned, including a birthday party for a certain little lady. : )

Meanwhile, we have enjoyed a fun and cozy week here at home with our Madison.

We took selfies on our way to Mass...

And a quick photo of my girls before we went in.
 After we dropped Rhett off because he was serving. : )

Madison whipped up the most delicious cranberry orange muffins!
If you would like the recipe, visit her here!

They were perfect for our afternoon tea.
Life is wonderful isn't it?
I remember making muffins years ago, and sitting at our kitchen table with a three year old Madison, pretending we were having tea. I miss that little spunky, ponytailed girl. But I am enjoying this lovely, independent woman drinking tea with me now so very much. 

Look who flew across the ocean to spend his first Thanksgiving with us!!!
Flynn was very happy to see him.

We all were.
And we were also happy to see the delicious chocolates he brought us from Hotel Chocolat in Copenhagen.
Nicolas works there, and was kind enough to bring us some of their amazingly decadent chocolates!

Nicolas' sweet mother Kirsten surprised me by sending over the cutest little Danish elf!
He is absolutely precious!

And lastly, I snapped this photo last week and found it to be beautifully symbolic.
A perfect leaf, fallen to the ground, its job complete.
Right nearby, some helicopter seeds...
A reminder that life will begin again in the spring.
And a dusting of snow...nature's gift signifying the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Have a blessed and cozy weekend, my friends.
Thank you for visiting. : )


  1. I know you are so happy to have Madison and Nicolas with you for Thanksgiving, and that chocolate looks yummy. The elf his Mother sent is as cute as can be. Love the pictures as always. Have a great Friday and weekend ahead.

  2. Your very own Nisse! So cute!! What a wonderful week you've had. Those muffins look and sound delicious, we may have to try them!! Have a wonderful weekend full of birthday fun!

  3. Have been wanting to ask... How did Madison and Nicolas meet? Being from different countries. Was she on a college foreign semester, perhaps? Was he visiting in this country?

    Please and thank you.

    Luna Crone

  4. We've had so much fun this week! <3

  5. I love everything here! Looks like you are having such a wonderful week together! Madison's muffins look so good! I am definitely going to try them : ) Life sure is wonderful ♥ Have a cozy November weekend, my friend! Talk soon! xo
    PS And now you tell us that Nicolas works in a chocolate shop! Just one more thing to love about the boy!

  6. I am going to try that recipe it looks so yummy. You have such a lovely family.

  7. The muffins look so yummy. Enjoy having them home! Lovely picture of the seasons coming together.

  8. Lovely times in your lovely home, Billie Jo! Flynn's sweet coat got my attention--so pretty! And the chocolate from Copenhagen surely is divine along with those yummy looking muffins. I'll be checking that recipe out very soon. Enjoy your weekend, friend. ♥

  9. Thank you for the many smiles and prayers.

  10. Hi Billie Jo~

    What a wonderful, cozy post! Your girls are so pretty, and they look so content, just being with each other, enjoying the moment. the cranberry orange muffins look so delicious...I'm on my way for the recipe!

    Chocolates...well, no wonder you like him so much... ;0) And, it doesn't hurt that he brought you that adorable little, Danish elf! That is the cutest elf I've seen for a while!

    Your last photo is gorgeous, and really does say it all...thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful week-end with your family!

    Hugs and Love,

  11. Those chocolates look delicious and that elf is adorable!!!

  12. Billie Jo, it looks like you will have such a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your little chicks home. Those chocolates look so delicious and that elf is adorable! Flynn is getting so tall. She'll be taller than her sisters one day!

  13. It looks like you had an amazing time with family! That elf is so cute!

  14. You look like you are embracing the emptying of your nest so well. I've been trying to adapt to my emptying nest. Any pointers?

  15. I bet you are so happy to have all of your littles elves under one roof!! What feeling!! Have a cozy weekend altogether. The winds are shifting and we finally have some cooler weather coming. (I had my a.c. on yesterday still.).

  16. How nice to have your daughter and her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time together, it sure does seem to fly by.
    Chocolates and an elf...perfect!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!
    Good luck on your hunt! ;)

    Hugs & Blessings,

  17. I am so happy for you my friend. Just that. So happy your heart is full (and house is full) this Thanksgiving!

  18. Those chocolates look delicious! You must be overjoyed at having your family with you this week! I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Love these comfort photos! (The food, the smiles!)

    Your young man bears a striking resemblance to that guy from the 2Cellos, do you see it?

  20. Just loved these photos Billie Jo! And yay for having your sweet little Lady and Mr. Nicholas home for Thanksgiving. True blessings to be thankful for indeed.

    That elf is so darling! And those muffins and those chocolates look divine. ;) xoxo

  21. Those muffins look amazing! Love the story of a little Madison and you having tea : )


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