November 15, 2017

How Does Santa Do It?

Do you ever wonder how Santa Claus does it? How in the world he is able to prepare all those gifts for all those children and deliver them on Christmas Eve? I do. And sometimes I imagine a possible scenario of how it actually could happen.

I think that perhaps Santa and his elves listen all year long to each child in a family, and when they hear something that a child may like or want, they get busy making it in the workshop. I think that somewhere around the North Pole, the elves store gifts that are finished. Maybe they have individual boxes or shelves for each child, and all year long, they add to each child's pile.

I think that perhaps one of the elves must have a special, secret notebook in which she keeps track of each item for each child. She may even keep track of how much it cost for the elves to build each gift. I'm sure the elves try to keep things equal, don't you think?

Of course, as Christmas gets closer, things get much more hectic at The North Pole. I imagine the elves work very hard during October and November so that by December, all the major work is completed. Once all the gifts are made, the wrapping elves takeover and most likely spend an evening wrapping and storing each child's gifts in a box or bag. They probably put the boxes in a safe place so that on Christmas Eve, they are all ready to load in Santa's sleigh! The elves only need to tie up loose ends during the month of December, and therefore they have more time for enjoying their favorite time of year! I think the elves and Santa probably watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, bake lots of Christmas cookies, and maybe even simply sit by the tree relaxing, knowing that they are all ready for Christmas Day. I am sure they also spend time thinking about the true meaning of Christmas too, don't you think?

When the big night finally arrives, the elves only have to load up the sleigh, and watch as Santa does his magic, placing presents, filling stockings, and eating cookies. Then, I imagine, when he is all finished, Santa takes some time to sit in front of his own tree with Mrs. Clause, and enjoys the quiet, calm night that is the holiest night of the year. And then...he goes to sleep, safe in the knowledge that he and his elves have made each and every child very happy on Christmas Day.

Of course, these are only my thoughts on how Santa and his elves prepare for Christmas. No-one really knows for sure. : )

Pinterest for the precious image. : )


  1. Would "someone" possibly be asking some questions...?

    Would this "someone" have a quick mind, and be in need of plausible, even detailed answers...?


    Would Mama simply be considering her own wise strategy, for this busy time of year...?

    Whichever... This is an adorable post.

    Ohhhh, and full of Wisdom too!

    If only all parents, were so Wise!

    Actually, I never was. And I remember last minute doing-things. And last minute 'wonderings.' -sigh-

    You my Dear, will not have these pesky memories. Because you are a Wise Mama. :-)

    Happy Jingle Bell hugs!

    Luna Crone

  2. <3 santa is the best!!! Always making Christmas so magical <3

  3. Billie Jo, you are spot on! Love this post! xo ♥

  4. {{Big Smiles}}}Hmmm...funny, we were just having a similar discussion with my 3 year old niece... Oh how right you are....and you can tell Ms. Flynn, that we have a long standing tradition in our family that if one doesn't Believe, they get underwear, just ask my brother who promptly told my parents he didn't believe in Santa...smiles {{blowing kisses to Flynn}}

    This is indeed a special and magical tis of the season and I prefer to keep the magic going, no matter how old one gets, one must always Believe. Hope you have a beautiful day, friend.

    P.S I will be heading into surgery (finally) tomorrow/Thursday morning and won't be around to visit for awhile. smiles

  5. Beautiful. All our children, and most of our grandchildren are 'over the age', but we ALL still believe in the fun part and the real part.

  6. Love this -- you are so sweet and that image of Santa -- perfection! :)

  7. Oh Billie Jo I am sadly further behind than usual this year and it is stressing me out! But remind me that Thanksgiving is actually pretty early and there's a whole extra week before December starts! And then there is a pretty good chance that Santa and the elves will be done by December to sit back and watch those movies with some cookies. Except the wrapping elf. He is a procrastinator and doesn't like to get involved until a little closer to the big day. At least the wrapping elf assigned to our house.

  8. Ho Ho Ho, Billie Jo! The elves are listening!

  9. Love This!!!! Santa is a busy jolly old elf. : )

  10. Love this and I'm sure you are so very correct... that is how he does it!!

  11. That's exactly how they do it....or perhaps some of the elves are a little less prepared and must rely on Amazon Prime to get everything ready in time! ;)

  12. Adorable! I love this time of year and all the magic it brings.


  13. Oh Billie Jo this is just so precious! I love it and it takes me back to my kiddos' younger more magical Christmas times. Really miss that. Thanks for speaking to the kid at heart in me. ;)
    Blessings on your weekend ahead. Lots of hockey here! xoxo

  14. Hi Billie Jo!

    Well, it looks like you have it all figured out!! Oh, I hope that is how it happens, that's how it happens in my imagination... :0) I can remember as a child, watching the sky on Christmas Eve, wondering where Santa was, and how long it would take him to get to my house. My father, who was a pretty serious kind of guy, would always find a twinkling star, and he was pretty sure it was, Rudolph, so were we. I love Christmas and all the magical sights and sounds that come with it!

    Hugs and Love,

  15. This sounds quite reasonable to me!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage


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