July 27, 2016

So...This Happened

This one is for my fellow Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise fans. Ok, so imagine you are walking through an airport at the exact right moment. The moment when, out of the corner of your eye, you recognize someone that seems out of place. But familiar. Rather than run up to said person, gushing and stammering, you casually call out his name. You know. As if you went to high school together, maybe even the prom. He turns, expecting to see someone he recognizes, as opposed to a slightly disheveled stranger who has not yet had the chance to duck into a restroom and freshen up after a four and a half hour flight. Said person is generous and friendly and kind. And he quickly recovers from the shock and engages in conversation with the tired looking lady while her husband fumbles with her phone in search of the camera. He smiles and thanks you for being a fan. And then strolls away, all alone, with a back pack on his back. You would probably think it never happened, right? Yet...the proof exists. In a rather quickly taken iPhone picture in which he looks even more amazing than on television, and you look...well...like you just got off a looong plane ride. See picture below...

I met Chris Harrison!
And he was so nice, so real, so normal.
I would have loved to sit and chat with him about some of Jo Jo's choices...
but I'm sure he had somewhere to be.
I was struck by his normalcy.
Don't people like him have like...people?
He was just walking through the airport like the rest of us.
Maybe that's why he is so relatable.
He spent a few minutes with us before strolling off.
I was so thankful.
But man...I could have questioned him for hours!!!!


  1. The funny thing is, when you do meet up with famous folks, I am always struck how normal they are or their height, LOL. smiles

  2. I am so happy to hear he is as nice in real life as he is on TV! How can you not like him? He's so sweet! I love this story! What are the chances of this happening, especially since you are such a big Bachelor/Bachelor, etc.... fan! I love it!!! So cool!! : )

  3. Love it! Sometimes Chris is definitely the shining star of the show. (Especially this season because I am not a fan of Robby or Jordan.)

  4. Oh Billie Jo, how fun and exciting! The two of you look like you've been friends for life :)

    Have a splendid day! Hugs!

  5. OMG!! EEEekkk - SQueeaall!! Lol That's SO awesome Hon!! You got to meet and take a pic with Chris!! Love it!! I haven't watched lately, but have watched seasons in the past and love him! So nice to hear that he was as sweet and adorable in person. Seriously what a CUTIE, huh?

    Thanks so much for sharing. So fun to live through you for a few minutes. xoxo

  6. Oh my golly! How amazing is that, I'm not sure I'd recognize someone in the airport. I get so focused on where I need to be and what i'm doing I don't see anyone around me. Good for you miss eagle eye and how cool of him to humor a fan! I'd like to know what's up with Jo'Jo myself.

  7. Well, well ... how neat is that. I haven't watched any of those B shows in many years but I always found Chris to be so watchable. :)

  8. How much fun to see and meet someone like that in real life. What were the chances??

  9. Oh my word -- what fun to see him in person and get a photo!!! You look fabulous too!! That had to be the most dramatic airport experience ever!! :)

  10. How exciting!! :-) What an awesome experience for you and I can just tell by your smile how much it made your day ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!


  11. Exciting times, definitely a memory to treasure.

  12. He must seriously have some crazy amount of frequent flyer miles!


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