July 25, 2016

Las Vegas!

So Steve and I headed out to one of our favorite places...Las Vegas...for a special anniversary getaway. While Steve has been there on business several times recently, I had not been for nineteen years! We used to visit almost every year before we began our family, and always enjoyed the excitement, elegance, food, and fun of that remarkable city. I know, right? Me. Las Vegas. Who knew? In any case, our littles...not so little anymore...encouraged us to go and enjoy ourselves. And that is exactly what we did.

All ready to go...

Saying goodbye again with a quick selfie when we were at the end of our road. : )

Selfie for the kids on our way to the hotel.
Just the two of us meant a lot of selfies.
Steve was thrilled. ; )

Steve chose The Venetian Resort.
And it was stunning.

From the lobby...

Through the shops...

And even past the gondolas that floated right through the center of the square...

The authentic feel of Venice was everywhere.
At least as I imagine it is.
You know, since I've never been there. : )

But enough about that.
On to what's more important...
Our room.
A gal has to have her naps, you know. : )

All the rooms at The Venetian and The Palazzo are suites.

And that was nice. : )

We enjoyed a late dinner the first night.
And notice the black and white filter?
It does wonders for the "I'm super tired from being on a plane all afternoon, but am too lazy to freshen up and change" photos.

Breakfasts at hotels are nice...

Especially when they have The. Best. Hot. Chocolate. Ever.
And that's my cranberry juice there too. : )

But most mornings my sweet hubby brought breakfast back to the room for me.
After a few rounds of gambling, of course. : )

We spent some days at the pool...

And others walking through amazing shopping centers in the midst of beautiful hotels...

Where...if you looked hard enough...you could find a pretty normal spot for lunch. : )

Evenings found us dressed up and heading out to see amazing shows...

like ONE, a tribute show featuring Michael Jackson's hit songs with amazing dancers.
At one point, a hologram of Michael himself appeared and danced an entire song.

Another night. Another selfie. I mean...show.

This was incredible.
His magic is...well...magical.
But honestly, I was most struck by his demeanor.
He is actually very kind, sincere, funny, and generous.
But still. Crazy good!
(No photos allowed, so I got this from his website.)

Our last night, we had dinner at a beautiful restaurant right in our hotel.
We ate. And talked and...

Did I mention we ate?
It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful trip...

As were the sweet little bags filled with delicious chocolates waiting for us before bed.

Which...as any mother will tell you...went right inside her purse to be taken home and passed out to her children.

Our last morning came quickly...

And although we were sad to see our special trip come to an end...

As we flew through the beautiful skies back to the place we belonged, we were happy.
Happy that God blessed us with twenty-five beautiful years together, four amazing children, a cozy place we call Home, and two cute- as- can -be pups.

Awaiting us at home?
This precious sight.

And this.
My children, along with Nicolas, cleaned our house from top to bottom.
They dusted, scrubbed, did laundry, and even Swiffered floors.
All so we could come home to a clean house.
My heart was so full at that moment.
And I realized...They could do it.
They could survive without me.
At first I felt sad...
But then, I thought of something the lovely manicurist said to me as we chatted.
She told me that I had done that.
I had raised them to be responsible enough to be left alone.
And I should be happy.
So...I was.

So there you have it.
The last of our anniversary.
But if I could add one more thing...
Something that was not easy for me to do.
Not because I didn't want to spend time alone with my husband,
but because for so long, my place has been here.
In my home.
Nurturing, teaching, raising, and loving on littles.
Suddenly, those littles were old enough to be alone for a few days.
And I realized...with some wise words from my dear mother...
that something else needed nurturing.
Something that perhaps I took for granted.
My marriage.
I realized how important it is to keep connected with Steve.
As a person, As a friend.
Not only as "Daddy".
We spent those days as we had all those years before...
talking and laughing and teasing and napping.
And it was good.
And I realized that one of my biggest fears...
the day my home is empty of little ones...
is nothing to fear at all.
Because it will be me and Steve.
Just as it was at the very beginning.
Only better.
Because we will have the peace of knowing we raised our children together.
And we still have each other.
And that's what started it all.
All those years ago. 


  1. Oh how beautiful of a post, Billie Jo. Thank you for sharing. smiles

  2. I moved to tears with your beautiful words. What a blessing to get to spend such quality time with your husband. Hugs. Juli

  3. Oh my -- what a wonderful getaway and return home. Such sweet words -- your family and husband are such sweet blessings.

  4. This is beautiful! Yes, the years with our children are fleeting, and when they are gone, it is just the 2 of us again. And we don't want to be strangers to one another when that happens.

    That our kids can be okay without us holding their hands is because we did our jobs well. In motherhood, the goal is work ourselves out of a job. Kind of sad, but very true.

    Blessings...and again, happy 25th!


  5. Teary eyes!!! I'm so happy you guys got a fun getaway just the two of you and how amazing are your kids cleaning and baking for you to come home to a clean house. You are beyond blessed.

  6. I have been waiting for this post! What an amazing time just the two of you! I too fear the day when i no longer have my sweet kids at home...I am a mom and have been for so long that it scares me so badly that I try not to think about having little one at home. Thank you for you words of wisdom this morning. ❤️
    This post had me thinking of how few pictures I have of just Ray and I. I am going to make an effort to work on changing that.

  7. So happy for you, Loved this post! you made me laugh ("me Vegas? who knew?") and want to cry.
    your kids are amazing1 Awesome job momma!

  8. What an awesome post. I am so glad you had a nice time on your trip. Loved your suite. I am amazed that the kids thought to have your house all cleaned when you returned. The generosity in their hearts is so admirable.
    I do have to correct you on one thing, though. THIS mother would NOT have taken those candy bags home and would have kept them for herself!!
    Loved everything you said about taking care of your marriage. You are so right. You two are such a cute couple and deserved every minute of this getaway. A time to celebrate a job well done over the last 25 years.

  9. What an awesome trip! I am so glad you had time for a getaway together. I love Cirque so you know that I am jealous. (Except I was just there so I can't be too jealous right?)

  10. Absolutely gorgeous place!! Love all the pictures and how wonderful you both took time away to enjoy with each other :-) It is so needed in a marriage although I don't think many of us married folk do take the time nearly as much as we should, lol. How sweet of your children to clean up and have goodies ready when you arrived home. A blessing!


  11. What a beautiful post! I know how hard it must have been for you to leave home for a week, but your manicurist was 100% right. Your kids can do it (and did it!) because of you and what you and Steve have taught them! There can't be anything better than that! Vegas looked amazing! What a beautiful hotel! I'm so happy you and Steve got that time together to relax and have fun. The shows, the food, the pool, the food again...wow! So nice and So, So, Happy for you!!! And don't think I didn't notice that Mickey bag in your photo. I want one!!! Love it all!!! ♥♥♥

  12. What a fun trip!! That hotel looks absolutely amazing. :) Also, I love your purse!!

  13. OH good gravy dear Gal - this post had me tears at the end. I think it's because it hits home that me & my hubby are not that far away from being at that point of life. So bittersweet - they're becoming true grown-ups cuz we did good. :)

    We love Vegas too and go there pretty regularly for a grown up quick getaway. I LOVE the Venetian too (among other gorgeous hotels there!) Looked like a picture perfect trip. Now go start making more "date" plans with your hubby as I also think marriage is such an important thing to nurture.

    LOve it!! Blessings Sweetie! xoxo

  14. Keeping connected, so true! It's like, "Hey, I remember you two!" :) Glad you had this opportunity to get away.

  15. What a lovely ~ and romantic ~ post! Every couple needs a bit of time off, and to be spoilt a little, even if it is a rarity. It enables you both to take stock of all you've achieved so far, all the good things. Besides which it is so great not to have to cook!!!
    Thank you for visiting me and following, Billie Jo ~ I will be following back:)

  16. oh the hotel, oh your kids. And oh.... just what I needed to read. Will you remind me of this when they are gone? Or will I already know in my heart? I'm so glad you got a teeny taste of the good stages that are to come (while still coming home to the cake they baked and the love)


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