Sunday, July 31, 2016

Eeek! Only Three Months Until...

But the decorating will begin much sooner~
Who's with me????
(Pinterest for the pics, as always.)


  1. I'm very excited!!! I try to wait until it cools off atleast for a day to pull out my decorations and bake pumpkin treats but I can't wait to purchase some pumpkin candles :)

  2. We don't seem to bother with Halloween quite as much now that the girls have left and have families of their own. Now Christmas is a different story, I do go all out...

  3. I am already plotting, my friend. smiles

  4. Oh you know I'm with you Girlie! Trying to control myself. ;)

  5. YES!! I am so ready for October to hurry up and get here!! October is my favorite month, my birthday is on the 1st and of course halloween on the last day! I celebrate all month :)

  6. I'm already thinking about what I want to do with my mantle this autumn!

  7. Eeeek! Bet you can't wait to put up that mantle garland!


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