July 22, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Steve and I are on our way home from a little anniversary getaway today, so this Random Photo post is a bit abbreviated. However, in the interest of continuity here are a few photos from the week that was in our country home...

These two are having a wonderful summer together!
They spend a lot of time with the family...cooking, watching movies, and even playing Foursquare outside. But they also enjoy getting dressed up and going out on the town. : )

This is a quick phone shot of my dresser. Madison dried and sprayed a few of my 25th Anniversary roses and bought me a sweet vase to display them too. I am blessed to have that beautiful young lady as my daughter and my friend.

Rhett invited Flynn to the movies this week. They both gave The Secret Life of Pets a
big Thumbs Up. : )

Summer sweet berries...

And summer evening skies.
Two things I love about this fleeting season.

And My Mocha!
She turned one this week!
We celebrated her with her very own teaspoon of vanilla ice cream. : )
And a brand new antler chew toy.

I am enjoying this beautiful summer...but I am most definitely doing this as well. : )

Have a wonderful, cozy weekend!
And don't forget!
If you are so inclined...
Christmas in July is Monday.
Bake some cookies, wrap a few small gifts, and pop in a Christmas movie.
Just for fun. : )


  1. Happy anniversary, always nice to have a little break and enjoy each others company. Love the sunset shots we have enjoyed some amazing skies these past few nights too. The Summer season starts for me this weekend with the family visits starting tomorrow.

  2. Enjoy your get away! And your kids are just so thoughtful!

  3. How sweet of your son to invite his younger sister to the movies. Obviously, you have raised him to be thoughtful and caring. May he always look out for her like that.

    I love that swing on your porch. What a lovely way to spend a summer evening...kind of like taking a trip back in time.

    Mocha is adorable. I'm sure she loved her ice cream!

    Summer berries...yes, please!!


  4. I'm dreaming of October too, sweet friend!

  5. Happy Birthday Mocha!! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  6. Happy Birthday to sweet little Mocha!! I always love to see the photos you share my Friend!

    And I'm SO excited because I've been dreaming on this since your posts last July and I"m finally going to do my own Christmas in July celebration here on Monday!!!! Yay! Thank you so much fellow Christmas nut Friend (I mean that in the best way of course) for giving me the wonderfully fun idea. I can't wait!! I'll be thinking of you (I even mention it on my blog post today).

    Blessings on your weekend ahead on especially on all of your fun Monday! xoxo

  7. Beautiful summer you're having, my dear friend. And I'm right there with you dreaming of October. Could there be a more perfect month of the whole year? :)

  8. Can't wait to hear about your trip! And Madison and Nicolas....too cute!
    Happy birthday, Mocha.

  9. I have all the heart eye emojis for this post but I especially love that Mocha got her own little party! Have a great weekend!

  10. Very nice photos! We just recently saw The Secret Life of Pets too. We went to a drive-in theater. It was my first drive-in movie which is pretty hard to believe! It was so much fun!

  11. The pictures of the evening sky are beautiful. Undoubtedly, you have heard of the royals getting hammered about giving their dog ice cream, hopefully you are not scolded likewise ;).


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