Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday Night

I am a structured individual. That is not to say that when Steve and Peyton suggested we skip the planned dinner of sloppy joes and go out to eat Saturday evening after Mass, I didn't jump at the chance. I mean how could I argue with Peyton's reasoning of the fact that we were all dressed. In real clothes? So, we drove downtown to a "fancy restaurant" as Flynn called it. Think...not McDonalds or Wendys...and had a delicious dinner together. Love impromptu nights out. cleaning. : )

A few pics with the phone before Mass..

A treat for me...

OK...two. : )

And a little lady who did so well with her Grilled Cheese, that she was treated to a special piece of Chocolate Cake. OK, who am I kidding...I would have let her get it anyway. But she did eat her sandwich. Bonus! : )

Have a wonderful week, my friends.


  1. Sometimes those unplanned moments can lead to surprises-smiles. Have a beautiful week, Billi Jo.

    1. BILLE Jo..gessh...need more coffee. wink

  2. That looks like fun! I think maybe I will plan an "impromptu" night out soon. :)

  3. Looks like great fun and such wonderful treats, that is definitely my kind of sweet.

  4. I always gladly put away the meal plan for a dinner out!!!

  5. Such sweet photos! Love Flynn's outfit. ;) And I really love your treats! MMmmmmm

  6. Love these pictures and Flynn's adorable outfit! That strawberry dacquiri looks delicious, haven't had one of those in years! Have a wonderful day!


  7. A perfect Saturday night and that dessert!!!!

  8. I always think the spur of the moment things turn out to be way better than the planned things, but like you, I like to plan! Glad you went with it and had a great time! xx

  9. Glad you got out and enjoyed yourself, heck I think it was worth it just for that cake! : )

  10. Billie Jo, you deserve a treat or two! That dessert looks sooo delicious! And Flynn looks adorable as usual as do all your children!

  11. So fun! I love Flynn's outfit! Happy saint Patrick's day!

  12. Hi Billie Jo ... such a fun time out and about. Enjoy your week. Hugs ♥ Teri

  13. I love when you're in a picture. And your mom too! And that Peyton... real clothes. Loved it! The snow is melting I see and it looks like spring in your backyard. Missing you allllll


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