February 22, 2016

Sleigh Riding

Several years ago, my parents got the kids some sleds for Christmas. We have a hill behind our house that is perfect for sledding. Every time it snowed, my dad would call and ask the kids if they went sleigh riding. That is what he called it...sleigh riding. One of the last things he talked about with the kids before he passed was if they had been sleigh riding. We haven't had much snow and the past few years when we have had snow, it has just been too cold. But today...today was the perfect day for it. And as my kids laughed and giggled and went up and down the hill on this perfect winter afternoon, I know my father was smiling. Watching them from the window, I smiled too and told him..."The kids went sleigh riding tonight, Dad. And they had a blast."

These two. Always together. : )

My Rhett. Visible by his orange hunting suit. : )

The view from the hill...the back of our home.

Thanks for the perfect night, Dad. : )


  1. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Your property is so beautiful...all the open countryside! Your home looks lovely from the hill. What a sweet memory of your father :)

    Enjoy your snow,

  2. That is so sweet -- sleigh riding is the best! What a great memory! Your land and house are beautiful and so is the snow!

  3. Beautiful. Those little moments talking to Heaven are special.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Yes, I'm sure you dad was smiling down on you as you made many lasting memories.

  5. Hi Billie Jo!

    Wow that looks like fun! I'm pretty sure your dad was smiling... :0) Your photos are so pretty, I love the beautiful sunset! Enjoy those wonderful moments, they go by way to quickly, sweet friend.


  6. Oh Billie Jo, your post has me tearing up with a big lump in my throat (((hugs))) It looks so cold but fun! I love your home and all that space. Have a blessed week.

  7. How perfect. I can just imagine your dad smiling down. :)
    Your home is absolutely beautiful!
    And by the way, we call it sleigh riding too.

  8. Love this my friend. Yes your dad was smiling down on all of you. Now were you out sleigh riding as well.;)
    I LOVE your house! It's just beautiful!

  9. Oh my goodness! What a view! What fun! And what a blessing that I like to think your Dad had something to do with. Mama had Alzheimer's in the end. She loved the snow. It rarely snowed in GA, but the year that she died, we got a snow that covered the ground. I pushed her around in her wheelchair several places so she could see out. Everytime was like she was seeing it for the first time. "I wish you would look at that!" "It's snowing." "I don't know when I have seen snow." After she died, it snowed again. It was like a blessing straight from heaven. My daddy like to fish and he wanted the grands to fish in the pond behind the house. They never cared about it. The night of his service, all the grands with the men got their pole and fished off the bank of the pond. Daddy had not been feeding the fish and so he had not caught a fish in years. That night, everyone caught fish, one after the other. A gift from heaven.

  10. Your home is beautiful in the snow, and it looks like a beautiful time of day for a little sledging too! Hope that you all enjoyed it. xx

  11. So sweet Billie Jo! I have no doubt he was watching from above and just tickled with all of the fun they were having. ;)
    Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

  12. So sweet...and your snowy hill is just gorgeous! :)

  13. My dear friend, this is so precious and my, what sweet memories....

    Enjoy your week!


  14. I know your Dad was smiling big. You have the perfect place for sleigh riding!

  15. I my word... such a lovely post. The sky, your kids, the snow, the back of your house. I remember when there was a kiddie pool there and a two girls were jumping in it. I'm so glad you got to go sleigh riding!

  16. Oh, I just love this post!!! What a beautiful area for sleigh riding!!


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