February 19, 2016

Random Photo Friday

This is why I named her Mocha. : )
She always gets the last sip.
Every morning.

Winter finally made her appearance here...

And she made up for lost time, I tell you!
Good thing I don't mind being warm and cozy inside. : )

We celebrated with some good old fashioned comfort food.
For lunch.

We also finally lit our Bundle Up candle that filled the air with the crisp scent of citrus added to freshly fallen snow.

My youngest was a walking Valentine for Mass last weekend...

While my oldest was hitting the slopes with Nicolas and his family in Sweden.
So proud of this one.
Her first time ever and she's got it!
I credit her, but she says it is because her instructor is super cute. ; )

And there she goes!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. Love catching up on some of your posts Hon! Looks like you got your winter wishes after all. Lol!! I've been a busy Gal but should slow down soon. Feel free to send waffles! ;)
    Madison looks like a pro! So cool. Blessings. Xoxo

  2. Thanks for the smiles...Madison looks so happy and Sweden agrees with her, smiles. Oh my the waffles look good...I think winter will have its grip on us for a bit longer, Billie Jo, looks like another winter storm will be coming in next week, sigh. Blessings

  3. Those waffles look delicious!I've been enjoying Madison's posts on Instagram! She looks so happy and everything there looks so gorgeous. I'm sure you miss her.

  4. Those waffles look delicious!I've been enjoying Madison's posts on Instagram! She looks so happy and everything there looks so gorgeous. I'm sure you miss her.

  5. Those waffles look amazing! Winter hit hard here as well. Love the pic of Mocha, lol. Madison looks so very happy :-) Have a wonderful day.


  6. Oh your waffles look so yummy! and your Madison looks so happy, they make such a beautiful couple!

  7. Hi Billie Jo!

    Beautiful photos of the snowy landscape! We are finally thawing out here in Idaho! The waffles look yummy . . . I'm on a low carb diet, and that makes them look twice as yummy as usual . . . :0)

    Your daughters are just gorgeous, and Madison looks like she belongs in Sweden, she's just beautiful! Does she speak Swedish? I would love to visit Sweden one day, that's where my ancestors are from!

    I love all the yummy candles you show us, you must have a closet just for candles! I love to have a lit candle in my home, it just makes it feel cozy.

    Have a wonderful week-end dear friend!!


  8. It was such a blessing to visit with your today, sweet friend. Your little one looked so sweet for Valentine's Day and how wonderful that our oldest daughter got to learn how to ski in Sweden :)

    Hugs and joy to you!

  9. So are you thinking that the young man is THE one? They sure are cute together.

  10. Love, love, love! ♥ Stay cozy and have a great weekend my dear friend!

  11. Your Valentine... so so sweet. And that pair at the end... love. Mocha xoxox

  12. Such beautiful photos and yummy breakfast!

    What fun for your daughter Madison:)

    I love your Friday Photos.

  13. Looks like a wonderful week! The snow is so pretty. I wouldn't mind a little more before Spring hits.

  14. So behind, yet not giving up on my blog reading. Great pictures; Mocha! What a gal! Beautiful pictures of the snow and I'm so glad it's up by you than down by me. After 9 winters in TX, I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the huge climate difference compared to the Midwest. Flynn looked adorbs on St. Valentine's day. Glad Madison is enjoying this time.

  15. And I meant to add, I love the hint of citrus in a winter candle. It smells so clean and fresh!


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