February 3, 2016

Celebrating Phil 2016

So...He said it. The groundhog said spring is near. And that would be ok with me, if we had experienced any WINTER here yet! In any case, as with most all holidays, we celebrated! Here's

Time will tell if he is right!!!
Have a great week, my friends!
P.S. I totally did not make those cupcakes.
Just sayin'.


  1. Good morning Billie Jo,

    I did wonder if you or your daughter made those yummy cupcakes. They are very creative.

    Your children are very blessed to have a mother who loves to celebrate every occasion in life.


  2. Love that he said an early spring! Just wish I could ship some of our snow off to you! :) And now wishing I had a cupcake! Have a great day!

  3. Well regardless who made them, the cupcakes are adorable. Glad you got to have some fun celebrating Phil. We just watched him online. :)

  4. After all the grey, gloomy, rainy days, I am ready for spring and sunshine. Very cute cupcakes!

  5. Hi Billie Jo!

    I hope he is right, I'm tired of the cold! I always remember Groundhog Day, because I have a friend who's birthday in on February 2nd!

    Very cute cupcakes! There are some talented people in the world!


  6. Those cupcakes are adorable!!! I would feel bad eating them and ruining the cuteness ;)

  7. I was about to ask if you made the cupcakes! Awesome! I never understood the groundhog thing! It's never right anyway.

  8. Impressive looking cupcakes. We haven't had much of a winter either.

  9. Ha Ha! Yes, Winter or Spring, come what may - we had fun celebrating this silly little holiday regardless! ;) Although we didn't have adorable groundhog cupcakes....!

  10. Oh what fun!! Can I come play at your house? Those cupcakes are adorable - even if they weren't homemade. Lol ;)

    I'm crossing every part of my body humanly possible that Phil is right and that Spring is coming EARLY!!

    Blessings Doll. xoxo

  11. You know... I was about to ask! How cute are those little faces on the cupcakes?! (I for one would like at least one 'whopper' of a snowstorm before spring. It just feel weird!!

  12. Cupcakes are adorable! I kinda think that Phil is often wrong but let's think positive, ok? I've never figured out the "why" of Phil.


  13. Oh my goodness, those cupakes are the cutest thing!! How fun. I love your ideas!


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