December 4, 2014

24 Things To Do Until Christmas Comes...Number 4

Number 4...Watch Christmas Movies

This is our Christmas Movie Basket. We have more in the cupboard, and I switch them out as we watch them through the season.  Some of these movies are brand new, and some are over eighteen years old! Some are actually videos! But they all hold a special place in our hearts. Every year, as we unpack them from the box and put them in the basket, we talk about our favorites and plan when we will watch them. That Disney Sing Along Songs video? My Grandma Mildred got that for Madison for her first birthday! I remember sitting on the sofa with Madison in her jammies as she drank from her bottle watching it over and over. And we still watch it now.
We try to watch one every evening before bed as a family. If we don't make an effort, we realize the season will pass us by and we will miss making these memories together. Here are a few of our favorites...

This is perhaps my favorite of all time. All these classics together! I just saw this at Walmart the other night.

And these...newly released classics on DVD. If you haven't seen them, you must. You will love them. Promise. I found them on Amazon.

This is another old favorite, newly released on DVD.

These two. Oh, even though most of my kids are older now, we still adore these. Mine are on video, but they have DVDs on Amazon. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is from when I was little!

And Flynn asked that her two new favorites be included...and I must say...they are adorable!

So, make some cocoa and sit down together for an hour or so as a family and watch a movie or two. Make some memories. You will be glad you did. : )


  1. Christopher loves Peppa Pig too! I think we will have to add that to our collection.

  2. I agree completely, if we dont take the time to spend with our loved ones, it will fly by and we will regret we didnt do it. I love the special Christmas movies too. I always watch the Charlie Brown one for sure.

  3. Oh how fun, my friend! Before I got married my dad and I would watch 'Ernest Saves Christmas' every Christmas eve. I miss doing that with him, but I have the sweet memories.

    Hugs to you!

  4. LOL! I was just going to say exactly what my dear Stephanie said!
    That for some reason was the movie we chose to make memories with. Every year my husband say's " will Earnest save Christmas this year?" Our oldest daughter still watches it with her three sons.
    Have a blessed day.

  5. I have a Peppa Pig lover also. How lucky we are to have little ones in our home to still be able to sit and watch those fun shows.

  6. Sing Along Songs! Oh, how that takes me back! :) So fun.

  7. You have some movies that I've not heard of. I will have to look them up! Have your children seen "Small One"? That one always makes me cry.


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