December 5, 2014

24 Things To Do Until Christmas Comes...Number 5

Number 5...Play Christmas Music

We play Christmas music all day long this time of year. It just makes everything so much more fun! We have Pandora Radio on our television, and have several different Christmas stations to choose from. We also play old Christmas music like the Hilary Duff CD Madison has had forever. Christmas music is so special, and makes this season even more magical. First thing in the morning, plug in the tree and turn on some Christmas music. Let the sounds of the season fill your heart and your home. : )


  1. I love the Christmas music too! I have iHeart Radio on my computer and it plays 24-7. I turn down the sound at night tho! lol

  2. I love hearing Christmas music, and there are some songs I could listen to over and over again (O Holy Night!)

  3. I love listening to Christmas music all day too, pandora is on right now ;)

  4. I love listening to Christmas as well. We listen to it both at home and in the car.

  5. Like Linda E, I've been listening to iHeart Radio Christmas on my computer. I think my CDs are still in NJ. Christmas music always makes me feel so happy!


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