May 2, 2013

Weekend Plans

The first weekend of May is here! How did that happen? I hope the next few months go much slower, don't you? Friday night Rhett is taking some of his friends to camp for a sleepover. I am not a sleepover person. Like. at. all. I feel badly sometimes and worry that could be one of the areas I score below the bar in mothering. I hope my children don't grow up and say, " You mother never let me have a sleepover..." I enjoy having my children's friends over. I really do. Just not all of them. For an extended period of time. All night. But I digress. Steve, the fun parent, offered to take a few of them to camp for dinner and a movie and maybe even a campfire. Madison works, so Peyton, Flynn and I are planning on taking dinner to my parents. One guess what they want. Wendy's. I am not kidding.

Saturday looks to be a beautiful day. Hopefully the girls and I can get some outside time and even get in a walk. Then we have Mass in the early afternoon. I am planning on a family favorite for dinner Saturday night...hamburgers on the grill. It is always our first meal of the nice weather. I will probably have chips and fruit with it too.

Sunday is sleep in my jammies...and read the paper day. Ahhhh...can't wait. Then I am planning brunch before Madison goes to work at 3. I am thinking waffles, eggs, ham, and fresh fruit. Then we have Rhett and Steve's first soccer game! Rhett is so excited, and I am excited for him. After that it is showers, backpacks, and lunches and a date with Celebrity Apprentice to round out our weekend. I hope yours is sunny and yummy, whatever your plans may be.  : )

Look who got her first pair of Converse? And they are slip ons, too. Winning!

A few sunny days and some rain have done their job...

Look who got a haircut... : )

"Mom, should I smile like this...

or this?"  : )

Flynn and I baked this up one day...and this mama scored some major points with her kids!

My pretty Peyton and her homework helper...


  1. Your Spring pictures look so inviting (and that cake looks delish!). Can you believe that as I sit here typing this it is SNOWING/SLEETING outside?!! Chris was in Topeka today for meetings (about 60 miles west of KC) and he was actually driving through a snowstorm with accumulating snows on the highway and snow plows dropping salt. UGH!!!! It's May 2!!! Your weekend plans sound great! We've got Spring Musical at the school tonight, May Crowning (in the storm tomorrow!), Dance Recital professional pics on Saturday and soccer practices on Sunday. Weekend....what weekend???!!! :)

    Hugs, and have a great one!!!

  2. As long as you are baking great looking cakes like that, I think all the no-sleepover stuff is forgiven! You are a wonderful mama! ( All of us have our limits... Mine is playing outside in the snow. Being cold and wet is not one of my joys in life!)
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Wow your cake look wonderful! I now want to bake...I wonder what I can come up with. :)

    Your weekend sounds wonderful. I love your plans on Sunday the paper and brunch. Don't you just love Sundays.

    Love sweet Flynn asking how she should smile. When Nicolas was in the 1st grade he did a funny smile all year long. He told us he forgot how to smile. I have some great pictures of him that year.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So many fun pictures.
    Will point out my favs.
    that PUPPY! so cute so cute so cute

    That young lady and that PUPPY! precious!

    and I just want to come over and eat cake with you and drink some tea. and pet the puppy.

    have a great weekend bloggy friend!

  5. I love your weekends. They make me wish we lived closer. Your puppy is cute. My girls go crazy over doggies. They know every dog on the block.

    I love how your youngest daughter poses, adorable!
    Happy Weekend--Blessings!

  6. I don't do sleepovers either!! Don't worry, you make up for it in many other ways. The plaid on your daughter's uniform is the same pattern I wore on my uniform in grade school. Ahh, memories. Have a great weekend Billie Jo.

  7. how did I miss the weekend post and it's already almost the weekend again?!:)

    sleepovers...ugh!!!:( the girl have each only had one here. I am not a fan of them either! honestly it's just more work for me when it's finally the time of the week when I should be working less...there I said it!:) ha
    janey has never been to one and riley has been to a few. she has such sweet friends so I allow them. but I don't really like them at all!:( I want all babies home. i could do without them that's for sure...have a friend over for dinner and a movie...sure! then i take them home!!:)

    loving those converse, how super cute! and Flynn looks so sweet by the fireplace.

    and that cake!!!!! where was the recipe for that one?!:)

    have a happy day billie jo


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