May 5, 2013

Through A Child's Eyes

Sometimes it takes something small...a quick unexpected moment in an otherwise normal help us stop and not only look at something, but actually see it. Sometimes it takes someone else... someone who is young enough to have a mind full of wonder and a heart full of remind us to stop and not only see something, but also enjoy the beauty of it. This is exactly what happened to me one recent spring day.

As I was taking our puppy Kirby out first thing in the morning, I barely noticed the numerous dandelions beginning to pop up in our yard. I went back in and continued my normal routine...feeding the puppy, unloading the dishwasher, getting breakfast. Suddenly, Flynn ran and grabbed my hand. She was bursting with excitement and begging me to come to the door with her. When we reached the door, she gazed out the window and whispered,"Look at all the beautiful flowers Mom!" She was in awe of the bright yellow bursts of color interspersed among the blades of green, green grass. And she was right. When I looked, and actually saw them, I realized they were beautiful.

We stopped what we were doing and went outside. She ran and giggled. She enjoyed and appreciated the beauty of those simple dandelions and in doing so, made me stop and see them too. I saw them not as annoying weeds in need of mowing, but as beautiful signs of spring. And then I ran and grabbed my camera. I wanted to see those beautiful dandelions not merely through the lens of my camera, but through the eyes of my child. And that is exactly what I did.



  1. This is just beautiful! It's no wonder why Jesus said we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven. So much awe and wonder over his creation!

    I love the beautiful photos of Flynn! :)

  2. so so sweet billie jo!:) and so very true. we tend to miss the things we see each and every day and take for granted. and it takes a little one to point out the wonder!:) so glad you had this moment with your sweet Flynn. and what beautiful springy photos!!
    have a happy day

  3. I love LOVE dandelions!!! I love even more pictures of kiddos picking dandelions!! All our neighbors probably hate us...we have tons--they have none. OH, well, we are growing children, not nice grass!

    Love this post Billie Jo--You will be seeing dandelion pictures from me soon, hopefully!

  4. I love natural pictures of children outside. Flynn looks so beautiful!

  5. It's so funny you wrote this. I was just thinking yesterday, after my son gave me a handful of dandelions, why are they considered weeds? The kids love picking them and they do look so pretty in your pics with your daughter. I'm glad you took time to smell the, umm, dandelions.

  6. Oh bless her heart! Children are such great reminders of how life is meant to be lived. Maybe that's why Jesus loved little children so...

    Sweet Flynn, keep pulling your mom into your world and showing her what you see. What beautiful flowers you found!

    Loved reading this post Billie Jo... such a good reminder to all of us!

  7. I hate dandelions!! not to be a downer on this post but I complain to Jamie every year that all the dandelions in my yard and field are horrible. She is always so positive and sees the pretty in them.

    I saw a lot of pretty here!

  8. I love seeing the world through the eyes of a child! I've already gotten some pretty bouquets of dandelions from the little guy in my life! Too sweet!

  9. This post brought tears to my eyes. I loved seeing the dandelions thru your daughter's eyes!!!

  10. Such a sweet post Billie Jo. Love the pictures of Flynn I think you should frame a few of them.
    Juliana loves to pick the "pretty" white flowers that grow in the lawn. Oh to be young and carefree again. :)
    I hope you had a nice start to your week...

  11. That is so precious. As adults, we become so consumed in daily routines that we forget God created such beauty right outside our kitchen window. Children aren't burdened with everyday tasks and see things for what they really are.

    Beautiful pictures!

  12. Ah! Ditto to what Caitlin wrote (Catholic cookie jar). Thanks for checking in btw!


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