April 9, 2013

This Makes Me Happy...My Madison

My Madison is a wonderful daughter. She is everything I prayed she would be...happy and confident and kind, of course. But also empathetic and selfless and respectful and humble. When her Religion teacher assigned a project that asked the students to do something that would benefit someone else, Madison came up with a wonderful idea...She planned and held an Easter party at the Senior Center in my parent's apartment building. She was so very excited to make a special event for these wonderful people, and that is exactly what she did. With some help from Peyton, Rhett, and her cousin Carly,  she planned games, baked cupcakes, made a fruit platter, and shopped for prizes. When her good friend Justin heard about it, he came home from college and dressed as the Easter Bunny and posed for pictures! It was a wonderful experience for all involved...not only the guests, but also Madison as well. It was an opportunity for her to experience the joy one receives from doing something for someone else. I am so very proud of her and also so very excited as well. She did such a nice job that the director asked her if she would like to do it again next year...and Madison in turn asked if she could do it again for 4th of July! Justin dresses up as Uncle Sam too! : ) I am so proud of my first born. My Madison makes me happy.

Madison, Carly and The Easter Bunny himself!

The Easter Bunny passed out the prizes.

She had a door prize and a guessing game with jelly beans.

My parents and the Easter Bunny : )

 Dad was there for moral support!

This picture just makes my heart smile. Look how happy my mom was! : )


  1. Wow, what a great idea she came up with! Love the Easter Bunny idea as well! I could only imagine how happy those people were. I'm sure a lot of them don't get many visitors, much less the Easter Bunny and gifts. I hope she got an A for the project! God Bless.

  2. The apple doesnt fall too far from the tree...so they say!!! I am sure you helped raise an exceptionally giving and sweet young lady! What a sweetie..thanks for sharing!

    The dude in the bunny suit..classic!

  3. I think this is a sign of the fruit of her parents' labor! What a beautiful gesture by a lovely young lady! I hope my kids turn out as sweet at her!

  4. No wonder she makes you happy. What a big heart she has! And the others are right, it is a testament to your parenting. The fact she wants to do it again speaks volumes that it wasn't just to get the good grade...which I hope she got because she deserved it.

  5. This is wonderful! Your daughter is a true joy! Thank you for sharing such a sweet accomplishment!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. What a nice young woman you are raising!! I'm sure she is exactly like her mama! (must be all those prayers, right?)

    Love the new look over here! Very pretty!

  7. What a wonderful experience for all! And a corporal work of mercy indeed! Your grandparents are not only happy, but very proud of their grand daughter, as well as they should be!

  8. What a wonderful gift she gave the to everyone in the complex. Such a loving and giving heart she has just like her mom. :)

  9. How very very wonderful.. oh I loved reading this post! What a wonderful daughter you do have with such a big heart. I love the way she 'thought big' on this project (or maybe thought huge!) You must be so proud of her. Love the pictures too!

  10. that is just so sweet billie jo!! seeing our kids become wonderful people really makes a mama's heart happy!!:) good for her...and you!
    have a happy day billie jo

    love that background!:)


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