April 11, 2013

Weekend Plans...Spring Cleaning 2013

Spring is finally here! And with these warm temperatures and sunny days comes the itch to organize, declutter, wipe down and polish. It is time to clean up this cozy home which has been our comfy fortress against the cold and snow that was our winter. I have been doing a bit here and there for an hour or so in the mornings, but this weekend we will roll up our sleeves and freshen this place up!

Friday evening I am planning on a simple dinner of my mom's macaroni and cheese with green beans and applesauce. I will probably get a head start by doing a smaller project like the laundry room or the rarely used dining room. I think I will make some muffins for an easy breakfast Saturday morning.

Saturday we will get to work. We will take sheets and mattress pads off the beds, wash and remake. Then the kids take everything off the shelves and bookcases in their rooms and we wipe everything down and sort out things we can live without. Steve is in charge of mini blinds( ugh! ) and I do windows (inside only). We move furniture and vacuum underneath and behind...I am sorta scared of that...and scrub bathrooms until they shine. Once we call it a day, our home is fresh and clean and ready for spring and summer! We are changing up our Mass plans this week, because Madison works on Saturday and will be unable to go. Steve is attending the late Mass on Saturday, and I will go with Madison Sunday morning. Saturday will be a pizza night to reward us for all that hard work. That and the fact that I will want to admire my sparkling kitchen for at least one day before I yuck it all up.

Sunday after Mass, I plan on having brunch complete with waffles, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, and sausage. Madison has work in the late afternoon, and I plan on finishing up anything that we missed on Saturday. Sunday night we will collapse relax on the sofa and prepare for a brand new week. Well, that is what we will be up to this weekend. I hope yours is happy, and spring-y and bright, whatever your plans may be!

I am loving my new faucet...Easter Sunday found a puddle of water beneath my kitchen sink. Upon further investigation it was decided that I wash way too many dishes and I need to stop! No, really the hose on the sprayer thingy was cracked and proceeded to spray water under my sink. You'd think I would have noticed?
All ready for Mass last Saturday. She calls this her "princess" dress...
and new spring sandals too!
I realized when I took this picture that I had made
cranberry orange muffins while burning my...
cranberry orange candle!
Look who is enjoying the sun shining through the windows! : )
Me and my baby... : )


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the one of you and Flynn together. Where did you find that precious dress and those sweet sandals?

    1. Hi Kari! Thanks...and I got them both from Gymboree. I just checked...they are on sale! : )

  2. Those chick shoes are too cute! And I like your new faucet! We are planning to work in the yard this weekend!
    Enjoy the Spring cleaning!

  3. Oh my word!!!! Those duckie shoes are the cutest things I've ever seen... simply darling! Hi Billie Jo! I love love love your plans. I do about the same routine for spring cleaning. I love it and hate it all at the same time. For us I think it'll be on Sunday. Saturday is just a bit too full for us. Wishing you a happy, sparkling clean weekend... love, tara

  4. Hmmm, where to start with the cuteness?? I'd have to say your daughter IS a princess in that beautiful dress and sandals. Your dog is adorable. I really like your new faucet. Our new powder room has a new sink with a similar style. Love those toggle handles. (is that what they're called?) Good luck cleaning. It will feel good to get it done!

  5. The blind cleaning task?? I hear you! I can not stand to dust the blinds and have been eliminating them slowly but surely and replacing them with heavy duty curtains (room darkening ones) that I can open during the day and close when needed. I smell the cleanliness coming through the computer and I love your new faucet!!! The duck shoes are adorable :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Awww what a beautiful picture of you and Flynn! And I love her little duck shoes! Cranberry orange muffins? YUM! Hope you all have a great weekend!:)

  7. Oh my Flynn's shoes and dress!
    It sounds like you are going to have a busy weekend with a wonderful reward at the end. I love spring cleaning because everything feels new and fresh. I have been doing some spring cleaning on my front and back porch.
    Your muffins look wonderful.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Happy cleaning weekend bloggy friend.
    I am impressed with your goals. I have no idea what I am doing this weekend. thats how I roll I guess.

    Love your pup.

    Cute dress on that adorable daughter of yours.


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