April 7, 2013

What's Inside My April Folder

Not much. When I filled in my new planner in January and saw that Easter fell in March this year, I switched all my Easter information into my March folder. That left poor old April pretty empty. And that is alright with me! Here is my April folder...

and here is what's inside...

The first thing inside is the April poem.

The roofs are shining from the rain.
The sparrows twitter as they fly,
And with a windy April grace
The little clouds go by.

Yet the back-yards are bare and brown
With only one unchanging tree--
I could not be so sure of Spring
Save that it sings in me.


  1. I just love the poem for each month! Hope you have a wonderful week! We just came home from a Spring Break vacation! I hope to get back to blogging soon!

  2. That's good that Easter was in March. You're already way ahead! Happy cleaning.

  3. oh the joys of spring cleaning!!:) gotta good complete list of chores somewhere i can copy from!!??:)
    we had a warm snap this weekend...seems everyone needs shorts/capris/shoes...we'll be at the store soon too.:) little do they know 50's coming later this week so i still have time!!:) haha
    have a happy day billie jo

  4. I still can't believe how fast Easter arrived this year. Literally and on the calendar. I didn't feel as though I had enough time to prepare once Christmas was celebrated, but surprisingly, we did. I just love April! May you have a sunshines-filled April yourself!

  5. Love the April Poem.
    I have been doing some major spring cleaning this weekend. I have 5 bags to be donated. Isabella does not like getting rid of stuff so I have to clean her room when she is not around...it gets harder when they are older.
    Hope you weekend was wonderful!

  6. I'm itching to do some spring cleaning! And some de-cluttering, too!

  7. I've been waiting for the April folder post... :) You know I copy it... i'll have to take a picture of mine one of these days! Love it! And happy April my friend ~tara


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