Sweet Sixteen

Today is the day. The day my Madison has looked forward to for so very long. Today is her Sweet Sixteen. How I love this girl! She is my first born. She is the first person on this planet to ever call me the one word I longed to hear...Mom. She made me the one thing,  next to a loving wife,  that I longed to be...a mother. She is everything a mother would wish for...smart, funny, loving, respectful.
She is everything I wish to be...confident, creative, determined. She is our Madison Marie...and this is for her...

My Dearest Madison, at sixteen years old you

love music...all kinds but especially Taylor Swift.

love coffee. Especially Pumpkin Spice.

enjoy being home...really!

like to pin food on Pinterest. Alot of food.

are fantastic with hair and makeup. You do you something different to yours everyday.

have a sweet boyfriend who likes to spend time with us.

love love love your job at Dairy Queen and do so well at it.

have the funniest sense of humor.

can put anything together and make the most awesome outfit.

seem to live in your own world when it involves being on time.

are the best friend to your younger sister who looks up to you more than you know.

are a wonderful daughter and sister who is loved and adored!

Tonight we will celebrate you with family and friends and cupcakes...your choice! I hope you have a wonderful day, my daughter...I love you!


  1. awwwe!! Happy Birthday Madison!

  2. Just beautiful! Happy sweet 16 to your beautiful daughter!!

  3. Oh my goodness..she's so beautiful. What a nice tribute. Happy Birthday to her.

  4. She sounds so sweet! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter

  5. That was wonderful:) Happy birthday to Madison!

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet, Madison! She is a doll...absolutely beautiful...apparently both inside and out! Wishing you a lovely day with her...sweet sixteen is such a special birthday!

  7. Oh this brought tears to my eyes! Happy birthday, Madison! I also live in my own world when it comes to being on time--I have every since I was your age ;) Enjoy celebrating the beautiful, amazing creation you are!!!

  8. Happy belated birthday to her, and I hope she always remember these words you've "spoken" to her. She is a beautiful young woman!

  9. So, so sweet! Happy birthday to Madison! :)


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