November 22, 2012

(Long) Weekend Plans

Friday is perhaps one of our favorite days of the entire year. It is the day after Thanksgiving. The kids are home. The fridge is full of yummy leftovers and the Christmas decorating begins! We always spend the Friday after Thanksgiving at home in our cozy house, preparing for the most wonderful time of year. We have turkey sandwiches on fresh bread with mayo and provolone cheese and just a touch of salt and pepper. We turn on the Christmas music and pull out the decorations and spend the day together. Steve usually comes home from work early and we watch a Christmas movie together. Ahhhh...I am happy just thinking about it!

Saturday I will visit with my dad. I have a beautiful Christmas wreath for his door. He doesn't really have room for even a little tree, so that should spruce his place up a bit. After that, I am planning on coming home and making something for Steve to take to hunting camp. I am thinking my old stand by...pumpkin bread. Then we have Mass in the early evening. After Mass, I am making what is perhaps the favorite meal of the year...turkey soup. Yep. That is the favorite meal of my kids every year. They like it more than Thanksgiving Dinner itself. After dinner, Steve and Rhett are heading to Hunting Camp. I am so excited for Rhett. This is his first year, and he is bursting with excitement!
My mom and sister are coming to stay with me and the girls. We always have so much fun!

Sunday is a day of movies, and games, and baking. The girls usually play games with my sister all day. She enjoys spending this time with them every year. Sunday dinner will be take-out from my favorite place nearby. I am planning on my favorite steak salad!

Monday the kids have off here. It is also my sweet Madison's sweet sixteen! We have a special day planned for her to enjoy with her family and her friends. I can't believe I will soon have a driver in the house!

Well, there are our plans for this long holiday weekend. I hope yours is happy, and cozy, and fun, whatever your plans may be. I will be back on Monday with a special birthday post for my girl!

Flynn was so sweet opening her birthday gifts. She loved her Cinderella DVD!

She loved when we fact, we did it twice!

On her actual birthday, we had her favorite...pumpkin bread!

Her Birthday hair ribbon...

One of her favorite gifts from Mommy and Daddy...

it is so adorable! We were all  playing with it! Even Madison and Ryan! Love the hot cocoa in the cups!

And of course, Flynn had the most fun with an empty paper towel roll! : )


  1. Haha what a great party! Love you, flynners!

  2. I love those birthday photos! Sounds like a blissfully wonderful holiday weekend. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Love her birthday pictures. Little People..I am so happy tha Juliana still likes playing with them
    Your weekend sounds wonderful with a lot of yummy food.

  4. Aww the party looks like so much fun! I just love her little hair bows! :)


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