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Hey there!
Hi! I'm Billie Jo, a wife to one and mother to four who loves all things home and family. During the day I homeschool, do laundry, and drink way excessive amounts of coffee. I would much rather read than exercise, and I am blessed to live the life I dreamed of.
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Bringing Back Sunday Brunch

When I was young, Sundays after mass meant brunch. My family would gather around my mom's kitchen table and enjoy eggs, bacon, toast, and sometimes fresh doughnuts from our favorite local grocery store, Market Basket. My dad loved sunny side up eggs, the runnier the better. My mom could somehow prepare them perfectly every single time. Sometimes I would add French Toast because that was the first thing I ever learned to make. 

Looking back, I realize the menu was not what was important. It was time. The time spent together with my family on an early Sunday afternoon. It was the feeling of contentment and security and love I felt in that kitchen with the people I loved, knowing an entire day stretched out ahead of us before Monday morning came and sent us on our separate ways. 

We enjoyed brunch together here yesterday. I used to have brunch on Sundays years ago, and we realized we missed it. Madison and Nicolas brought some delicious pastries, and we enjoyed scrambled eggs with cheese and garden onions, Canadian Bacon, turkey sausage, garden tomatoes, and fresh fruit. I also served ice-cold orange juice in the vintage pitcher I found at a local antique shop. 

We sat on the deck overlooking the lake for a long time, talking and planning and laughing. And it was lovely. What about you? Do you enjoy a Sunday brunch every now and then? If not, you may want to give it a try. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. Time together is what really matters. It is good for the soul.

Happy Monday, dear friends!


  1. Everything looks delicious, smiles. Have a great week, Billie Jo.

  2. We have the tradition of a Sunday roast which is a little more formal but exactly the same sentiment. Time spent around the table with friends and family. Everything looks delicious, yummy!

  3. I have never been one for brunch.

    But peaceful time together, with some delicious food, in a quiet setting..... Now that is something everyone can "approve" of!


  4. I love this! Everything looks so yummy, and that pitcher! I adore that! Have a blessed Monday! : )

  5. Now here is a question, which I'll bet many of your Dear Readers have wanted to ask!

    But are too polite, to do so. ~grin~

    So I will "do the duty."

    How do all your ladies stay so slim, eating all those delicious pastries???????????



    We want to know?

    What is your secret?



  6. Wow, all your brunch food looks fabulous! I can remember having Sunday dinners where everyone was around as I was growing up. What a wonderful tradition to revive. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Lovely. We brought back a big Sunday dinner last night. Steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and freshly baked rolls. Same idea really, a big lovely meal together before we start the week. :)

  8. It sounds like a wonderful idea. We have started back up Sunday dinner right after the A.M. church service. The restaurants prices have gone up a lot in our area. I enjoyed the coziness of gathering around the farmhouse table..with the family..glad we started it back up.

  9. Oh that sounds wonderful! Spending time together, overlooking the lake and enjoying some great food! Love the pitcher! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. What a wonderful spread for Brunch. The eggs with cheese and onions sound delicious. And the cinnamon rolls, oh my! That vintage pitcher is cute and a good find at the antique shop. Spending time together on your deck is the best part of all. In California, there is a Mexican Restaurant called El Torito, and they used to serve Sunday Brunch. We sometimes would go there and enjoy. : )


  11. My girls like to have brunch once in a while...it's a special time, for sure. They did a virtual brunch with their friends, early in the lockdown, they enjoyed that, but thankfully they can get together for real now! Your place on the lake is very special!

  12. Sunday brunch sounds wonderful!

  13. Yum! Could not love this more! Something i need to get back to as well. Just a perfect time of the weekend to share with loved ones. I LOVE that pitcher!!


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