When I was young, I dreamed of being a wife and mother. I am blessed to live that dream every single day along with my husband Steve, our four children, one son-in-law and two precious pups.
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    Grab your apron and follow along. We love to bake around here!
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    Perhaps my favorite thing to write about. Mothering is my vocation. A dream come true.
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Hey there!
Hi! I'm Billie Jo, a wife to one and mother to four who loves all things home and family. During the day I homeschool, do laundry, and drink way excessive amounts of coffee. I would much rather read than exercise, and I am blessed to live the life I dreamed of.
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Just Random Summer Pics On A Friday

Summer visitors~Morning snuggles instead of walks~Easy meals~All the zucchini bread~Cozy views~And a quiet Christmas in July~ That's what's up around here, my friends.
Have a cozy, sunny weekend with the ones you love~


  1. Can you believe that July is almost over?? The school kids down here only have off two more weeks (in some school districts). Keep soaking it up while you can! PS - my cupcake toppers arrived last week :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Wow - what an amazing area you live in! We're watching Hallmark's Christmas in JulY! Have a great weekend!

  3. So cozy! Every single picture especially that Christmas candle....oh I can't wait ;)

  4. That sweet dear looks so cute!! All your food looks great! Hurray for Christmas thoughts in July!!

  5. Wonderful photos, Billie Jo...and its been Christmas in July Hallmark movies here. smiles

    1. Hi Linda, I love Christmas Hallmark movies too! I have watched so many the past two weeks and I am LOVING IT! My family thinks I'm a bit obsessed! LOL

  6. Lovely photos! You made me hungry too.

  7. All looks and sounds great to me! I'll be by for a piece of zucchini bread and some puppy snuggles! Have a great weekend! Hugs to everyone! xx

  8. Summer perfection! Happy weekend!

  9. Wow! Those are really great photos, Billie Jo. Can I ask what kind of camera you are using? Hard to believe that July is almost over. Save me a piece of that bread, will ya? xo Diana

  10. I must admit I have been enjoying Christmas in July too in a big way, movies and crafting gifts. Those photos of the stag are a real delight.

  11. Lovely summer time fun, Billie jo,i have been busy enjoying Christmas in July too, just forgot to bring my Christmas candles out! ~wink~
    The food looks so delicious, have a great weekend.


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