August 10, 2018

Random Photo Friday And Try This Pie Recipe!

Happy Weekend, my friends! I hope you had a lovely week with your people. Our week was full of fun and felt like fall. Here is a quick peek!

This was my view on the way home from Mass last week.
Ask me how this happened.
I have no idea.
Yesterday, I was driving and he was in the back, buckled in a carseat, playing with Matchbox cars.
He's doing awesome though, and I am super proud of him.

Tomato sandwiches, tomato pie, pasta with tomatoes...
You name it, we've had it!
And it has been good!

Have you become obsessed with the Rae Dunn collection too?
I love the simplicity of the designs.
But love the quality too.
This little corner in my kitchen keeps changing, as I keep finding new pieces. 

This group had a blast at the Taylor Swift concert this week!
It was my baby girl's first concert, and she loved it!!!
I stayed home with the puppies.
I took a long shower, and a longer nap, and snuggled on the couch with my coffee and my book.
It was a sacrifice, I know. : )

My oldest and my youngest...
They share a love of all things Taylor!

All you unmarried ladies out there, marry a man like the one I did.
Just a little Public Service Announcement from me to you.

And I have written about how much we all love this amazing Blueberry Cream Pie recipe that I got from my dear Blog friend Patty. Well, when Steve came home with a box full of fresh peaches, Peyton decided to try to give it a try with peaches in place of blueberries.
The result?

The only change Peyton made was to add 1/2 cup of flour to the pie filling instead of 1/3,
and she added 1 tsp. of cinnamon to the topping.
Patty, give it a try!

Well, that's a wrap from here, my friends.
Have a cozy weekend and I'll see you on Monday!


  1. Glad the crew got to go see Taylor Swift, but I am like you, I would want to stay home and be cozy! The pie looks fantastic and I know it was as good. Have a happy weekend.

  2. That pie looks amazing! I'll have to make it soon.
    Love your Rae Dunn collection. So fun!

  3. My girl's first concert was Taylor too -- she knows how to put on a show! That pie looks so delish!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So, did you play with matchbox cars in the backseat?? ;) Your husband is awesome.....although, I would have fought him for the ticket. I love T-Swift. I bet the kids had a blast. That pie does look amazing; I wish I had someone to bake it for me. I'm a terrible baker.
    Happy weekend!

  5. OH my goodness on Rhett (and giggling when I say this next)--"10 and 3" or "9 and 2" young man.---that is in reference to where your hands are suppose to be on the wheel, grin. And no fiddling with the radio, check you mirrors prior to starting the car. (Mama hen here, lol)

    Thank you Billie Jo for the many smiles...and of course I am just teasing Rhett. (well, maybe not, just ask my son, LOLOL)

  6. Love that your family all went to the concert and you got the whole house to yourself. Like a present! I love having home alone time. It's not too often so it feels like such a treat!

  7. Oh gosh, peaches and cream pie?! Peyton has a gift. I love Taylor, as does M. She's a little young yet but my guess is that Ms. Swift will still be touring when she's old enough. Glad your gang had a good time and you got a little quiet time for yourself.

  8. How wonderful to see the family back together again. The pie looked delicious, I do so wish I lived nearer so that I could ope in for a slice. Have a great weekend.

  9. Tomatoes are begining to come on fairly heavy here now. I'm glad I read here right now though because you gave me an idea to save dinner plans! I have a lot of Roman tomatoes on the top of my microwave and it has been a long time since we've had a rustic tomato tart! Guess what we are having for dinner tonight? :-) Thanks friend!

    I enjoyed all of your pictures...and that Peyton is quite the pie baker! That piece of pie is gorgeous!

  10. Yum to that peach pie! Great photos of your precious dear ones! Love is all around!

  11. It sounds like you've been having a lovely summer. It's nice that your entire family enjoys music together. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I love all things tomato. Have you shared your tomato pie recipe? And Flynn she looks so grown up. You know Juliana keeps reminding me that she still has. To gone to a concert.
    Happy Friday!

  13. I loved having a driver in the house. Go get me this...pick up your brother...swing by the store and get....
    It was pure heaven! They loved every opportunity to drive so it was a win win!! Your tomatoes are making me drool, there is nothing better than fresh tomatoes from the vine, well maybe your peach pie that looks pretty amazing too! Glad the kids were able to see Taylor Swift, what a fun time for them and you handled it like a pro!

  14. I have never had a tomato pie before but OH I love mater sandwiches! Great looking family and they do grow up so fast. They are young one min and then the next they are your taxi and you are in the back seat!!!

  15. Oh my gosh...what a handsome driver!!! :) And they do grow up so fast. I don't know about Pennsylvania, but here in Kansas, our kiddos can get learner permits at 14! FOURTEEN????? This seems crazy to me, but guess who is jonesing for driver's license???? We have yet to even allow her behind the wheel of a car, but I'm not sure I can hold out much longer as she really wants to learn how to drive. Oy! Enjoy a beautiful, peaceful Sunday.

  16. Great pictures and thoughts! YUM to the pie! I am not a fan of the blueberry, SO peaches for me please:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  17. How is Rhett driving? Where does the time go? Your week looks lovely as always! The pie looks delicious and I'm coming by to pick up some tomatoes!! I really wish I could : )


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