June 13, 2018

A Bunch Of Really Random Thoughts

Yep. That's about it. Just some random thoughts today. No reason really. Just because. : )

People who do this really annoy me.
People are busy. Some by necessity. That's one thing.
I am referring to the people who are busy by choice.
You can say no, you know.
In fact...

I do it all the time.
I am getting better about being brutally honest about it too.
Because this is my life.
And if I want to live it slowly, deliberately, and mindfully, all while lying on the sofa watching reruns of The Incredible Hulk with my kids, then I will.
Just sayin'.

I need to get this off my chest.
This bothers me!
For goodness sake, just stop!
If someone posts a picture of chicken from a fast food restaurant, it's ok.
Maybe it isn't a political or moral or religious statement.
Maybe he just likes chicken.
Or really good lemonade.

On a lighter note...

It is that time of year again.
The time of year when pale folk like me, who don't tolerate sun and heat and sweat, begin to cringe at the thought of being outside...

This pretty much sums it up.
Don't hate me!
I enjoy parts of summer.
Early mornings on the deck sipping coffee.
Evenings outside watching the kids play.
It's the hours in-between that I prefer to enjoy from inside the comfort of my house.
I know. I know.
That's me!

Thanks for tolerating me!

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  1. Sometimes it's armor or validation. I've done it too.

  2. Had to laugh at some of these. I am over "busy". Most times it is "over committed by choice". And, I am with ya on the heat. Mornings and evenings are tolerable, afternoons not so much.

  3. I just said 'no' to something yesterday. That is so unlike me, but necessary now with hubby's cancer diagnosis,

    I'm with you on summer. Anything below 76* is fine. Above that? I wilt. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OH my goodness, EVERY SINGLE ONE!! If I feel the need to tell someone I've been busy, I try to add "because we've been doing so many fun things", so it doesn't sound like a negative. And oh, summer! I am trying so hard to find things to enjoy so I don't feel like I'm just "getting through it" every year, but it's tough. I start longing for October in May! :)

  5. "Busy doing nothing" I can remembered an ex-boyfriend from the 90s using this phrase. It takes practice to say no to things though but it is freeing once (mostly) mastered. Signed a formerly much too busy person. Love summer so much that I usually feel like the first cartoon girl but I'm sure I look more like the second one ;)

  6. Yes! I'm so over everyone being offended by every little thing. Enough already!!!

  7. haha, I love these! I completely agree with all of them except I do love a good beach or pool day otherwise I'd rather be inside. If there is no water nearby to cool me down I'll be in the air conditioned house ;)

  8. I’m also an inside person during the summer. The heat worsens my TM and MS.

  9. Yes! To all of this! This is why we are friends! The offense thing is ridiculous. Just absolutely ridiculous. It makes me so mad. (Especially the chicken sandwich because come on.)

    And yes, we are currently "busy." And by busy like today we had a doctor's appointment and nothing else for the whole day. And I still feel like we are busy. Probably, because like you I will go outside once a day, probably in the morning and if I have already been outside don't expect to see me again. Ha.

    Anyway, I love these random thoughts.

  10. Yes to all of the above!!! I love summer for it's early mornings and late afternoons. During the day I will be hibernating in the a/c. And that's OK. And don't ask me about my tan - or lack there of, right?! LOL And all YES to a rainy summer day. More time to watch game shows and not feel judgement about it! You're the best! ♥

  11. Yes! Thank the Good Lord for AC!! And I also agree with you on the busy subject! Amen!

  12. I enjoy summer exactly the way you do. So glad I am not alone. lol I used to be busy, but I put a stop to that, and only do what I have to or want to do every day and am much happier.

  13. I I look at the other women who are looking cute and put together and wonder how they do it. I on the other hand am a wilting flower with bangs that like they haven't been combed in days on hot, humid days. Thankful for air conditioning!

  14. The heat and humidity find me inside, too! I don't know what I'd do without AC. I think I do, I'd melt! ♥

  15. The last one... the heat + power surges (a.k.a. hot flashes) = lethal combination. Whew! LOL

  16. When our boys were young we were always going somewhere for a game, tournament, recital, competition, practices etc....but when summer rolled around, everything stopped. We took one day at a time and enjoyed every single moment that summer had to offer. It was wonderful and relaxing. I do love the warmth of the sun. Sometimes I have to go outside to thaw out because the air conditioning can get rather cold for me. I have to take a light sweater or jacket into a store or restaurant for the same reason. I can definitely tolerate the heat better than the cold. Hot flashes are a different story..er kind of heat, I'll be glad when those are done!

  17. Giggling over your graphics. You asked me on my blog about school. I will send you an email about that tomorrow/Friday...and for as busy, we are checking off our bucket lists this summer before returning to school in August, so busy is the word. smiles

  18. I laughed all the way through. I am the person you dislike as I am always busy. But I am trying to get out of debt and I like to do many things and I love the heat, and it keeps my demons at bay and I love you. :)

  19. Oh my goodness I love all of these! You gave me a good laugh!
    I miss chatting lets text soon!

  20. Love summer mornings outside, evenings, I love being in during the hot day!

  21. Loved the brutal honesty! I am so over summer already! I live in the a/c except early morning and late evening, too.

  22. Honestly, your post from long ago about not being so busy and having family time REALLY resonated with me. I've learned to create margin in our calendar, and we have sweet family time together.

    Also, I hear you on everybody being so offended. I feel like my eyeballs may roll right out of my socket one of these days...people need to take a deep breath and chill!! ;)

    The best thing about summer??? One step closer to FALL!

  23. You are not weird - you are perfection my Dear. And I relate with a lot of these! xo


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