March 2, 2018

Random Photo Friday

And just like that, it's March.

Our week was filled with packing and boxes and tubs and dust!
Have you ever experienced the copious amount of dust flying around when you start moving things that you haven't touched in months?
Here is a quick peek back at the week that was...dust not included.

I am enjoying my obsession with morning smoothies and afternoon salads.
But once in awhile, McDonald's is necessary, don't you think?

Especially when you have these two and your momma along.

We packed up essentials...
My Yankee Candle collection.

Mocha got tired of all the work, and demanded I take a rest with her.
Which of course, I did.

Leaving you with this one...
Because. Yep.

Have a cozy, happy, family filled weekend, my friends.
Thank you sooo much for all your kind words of support as we prepare for our new adventure.
They mean so much to us all!!!


  1. Wowza, that's quite a collection of candles:) I know you will be finding lots of treasures as you pack your home! Have a blessed and "dust free" day! HUGS!

  2. I know just what you mean about McDonald's once in a while. Is that a Big Mac? I haven't had one in about three years but I've been thinking lately that it's time. :)

  3. I love your candle collection. :)
    And we love going to McDonald's on occasion, too.
    Happy packing!

  4. Love love love the UnBusy saying.

  5. Wait, what? New adventure?? I am so behind. (sad face)

  6. So much to do! A nap and McDonalds break was well needed. Man I love your Yankee candle collection.
    Happy March!

  7. WOW! I am sitting in my classroom grading reading tests and when I need a break I read blogs and NOW I want a Big Mac and its Lent and First Friday!! I guess it wasn't meant to be BUT...Jill

  8. Have a great weekend!! Happy packing!!

  9. Exciting times, the adventure has already started packing up and discovering the so many things that you had completely forgotten about. Only to fall in love with them all over again. It is really hard to pack up but stay focused and all will be well. Have a great weekend.

  10. that is a good goal!

  11. Happy packing and just keep wont be long, it wont be long!

  12. I feel like I'm always hungry around the time I read your posts and then I leave starving, lol!!!! Oh look at that candle collection, can I tell you how happy a cabinet full of candles makes me and I'm so happy I'm not alone ;) I hope you have a successful weekend of packing and cozy family time!

  13. So much work involved - bless your heart! But it will all be worth it for the new adventure, right?
    I wish I could think more Spring thoughts - but March here is basically still winter. boo! I love your candle collection and I actually can't be anywhere where I see a yankee candle now that I don't think of you. :P
    And Amen about McDonald's! I may have had a filet o fish for my Lenten Friday lunch today.
    Have a great weekend Hon. Stay dust free! xoxo

  14. What a great candle collection! Makes me want go smell candles...Yes, McDonald's is required every once in a while. It would be too often for us since we have one very close but they made me really upset (and I'm usually a pretty patient person) and I refuse to go there now...funny how a few extra minutes on a drive can help cut down on a habit. Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Moving is not somehting I would look forward to ...esp having to go through all this mess to pack it up. Being able to redo some rooms would be fun. I am hoping that it is all going so well for you!

  16. Loved all the pictures...especially that Yankee Candle collection! Glad you are packing those up for sure! Mocha is a good you cause for breaks like that. :)

  17. We have been in our new house for a year and a couple of weeks, so I still remember... we were in our old house for 28 years. Lots of 'stuff' and lots of dust. Good luck!! Do please keep us posted! Those young ladies are adorable!

  18. Sweet Billie Jo,
    I am a new follower, who has been reading and loving your blog for sometime now. We have many things in common. I am a retired first grade teacher, Roman Catholic "Grammy" and very much a cozy home body, book lover and baker. Home with our loved ones is my very favorite place. Prayers for your family as you go through this change ( I am NOT good with and remember to take deep breaths as the Lord guides you in this new adventure.

    1. Hello Doreen!
      Thank you so very much for your kind words and for following this little journal of mine.
      We do have so many things in common! : )
      And thank you for the advice! I will call upon it often in the weeks ahead, I am certain. : )

  19. I'm sure Mocha knows something is up! Hope the move continues to go smoothly!

  20. Are all those candles yours?? wow
    Good luck on the move.

  21. I absolutely love the UnBusy saying!! Really sweet pictures of your daughters, too. It sounds like you are making a lot of progress with packing... it won't be long. Hope you have a great week!

  22. You have a great project ahead of you, so you need that Mcd's and of course a nap.


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