January 22, 2018

Still So Much To Celebrate!

Christmas is over and put away until next year. That doesn't mean the celebrations have to end though!! Years ago, I was a young mom to three littles, ages five and under. The long Pennsylvania winter loomed ahead, and I thought about simple ways to bring some fun to our days.

We started celebrating the winter holidays and found that the easiest things added joy and excitement to our days. We continue to this day, and although the celebrations have changed through the years as my littles grew, we still pencil in the special days to celebrate during the long, cold winter months.

If you want to join in the fun, remember...you can make the celebrations as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Maybe you read a Valentine book and bake some cupcakes with pink icing. Maybe you decorate and play music and make homemade Chinese food on Chinese New Year. Crafts are fun and easy too. Don't let Pinterest make you feel pressured, ok? Just do what you want and have fun!

Winter Holidays

National Chocolate Cake Day 
SaturdayJanuary 27 

Groundhog Day 
FridayFebruary 2 

Super Bowl LII
February 4

  Shrove Tuesday 2018
TuesdayFebruary 13

                                             Ash Wednesday 
                                                          Wednesday,February 14

Valentine's Day 
WednesdayFebruary 14

 Chinese New Year
                                                    FridayFebruary 16


  1. I love it. Though I am a little bummed Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day are one in the same. And I think we will do Chinese New Year a day late because I love sesame chicken the best. It is a fun season of things to keep the doldrums away though right?!

  2. I want to go back to being a child and living in your house! You have such grand ideas and there is never a dull moment. I applaud you and your children will be the same as you, to their children. Have a happy week ahead.

  3. I love these. I have several of these on my own calendar (Super Bowl Sunday is like THE best day for my hubby! LOL) However, I added the chocolate cake day. May have to celebrate that one this weekend. ;) Thanks for the ideas! Have a great week!

  4. It's the little things that make life fun. Have fun celebrating!

  5. These are the things I think I miss the most. The little everyday celebrations. Nothing fancy, just good fun.

  6. Love it! I have all these on my calendar also. I hope we get to celebrate them all - Groundhog day is usually missed now that my little's are all grown gone are the days of making groundhog puppets out of brown paper bags : ( I look forward to little miss Flynn's creations- They always make me smile! I hope you are enjoying your day Billie Jo : )

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing all the things you guys do to celebrate!

  8. Some great ideas.


  9. This is such a great reminder! I am going to pencil all of these in my planner. You are the queen of holidays!!!

  10. Chinese New Year...I have never celebrated that, but you have inspired me!

  11. Those are all very worthy of a celebration! But is there really a chocolate cake day?? If so, man someone coined a good one! We'll be watching the Super Bowl for sure. None of them are my team but is always great to watch a good game and how I cheer them on is I just go with whoever has the ball haha unless my team is in the game then that's a whole different ball game of course!

  12. You are so much fun, Billie Jo. I love how you always focus on the positive! ♥

  13. we are made by the same cloth... I have always tried to celebrate the tiny holidays also. It makes everyday seem special. Two weeks from now I my annual ( most years) Valentines party. I'm super excited to be cooking with PINKs. : ) I have a plaque upstairs that says "happy everything" and on it you see all of the holiday symbols. hmmmm... I need to bring that downstairs.
    Happy everything my friend.

  14. Yay - I still have time to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day!! As we were growing up, my mom decorated for every holiday including Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July and all the 'regular' holidays so I continue to do the same. My Valentine decorations were up as soon as the Christmas came down!

  15. I think I'll pencil in a few of these, too. Especially, the chocolate cake one. ;) Also, thank you for sharing the Twisty noodle with us. The girls have enjoyed all the coloring sheets we've downloaded from there!

  16. This is so awesome, please adopt me!!! You are precious.

  17. Love how you have fun with your family and just celebrate life in general Lady! Thanks for always being an inspiration. xoxo

  18. I've always wanted to make my own king Cake. Someone posted a recipe (for beginners I hope??) and I thought I'd give it a try. Time is passing so quickly!


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