August 18, 2017

Random Photo Friday

August keeps moving along, and the long lazy days of summer continue to bless us with their beauty and warmth. Here are some pictures of how we spent our week...

We dressed for Mass on Saturday night...

And had just enough time of a few selfies before we left.

The kids did some brownie baking...

And I broke in my new favorite pajamas.
You can still call them that if you wear them all day, right?!
They are from 40% off!!!!...
And they are soooo comfortable!

I saw this outside my family room window, and knew I had to get out there and join them.

And so, I did.

We spent a beautiful August morning soaking in all things August.

I looked around and saw the very early beginnings of change...

But still so much summer beauty remains.

I have been reading Amber's beautiful blog lately, 
And she inspired me to pick up my camera and try to capture some of the beauty that is August.

 I love this lavender that grows at the bottom of our driveway.
It reminds me of a dear neighbor who used to walk past my house every single day.
She commented on it every year.
Miss you, Deb!

So it is August.
And I am resolving to slow down and be mindful and appreciative of all the late summer beauty.
Even though...

Have a wonderful late summer weekend!
Thank you for visiting. 


  1. I have October on the brain, as well. Soooo ready for this heat to move out of these here parts.

    I loved your photos of August.

  2. With all the pumpkin spice and fall things arriving in stores it has me ready for the cooler days ahead.

  3. I too have a serious case of October on the brain, smiles.

  4. You and your love for Fall.. Are we related? : ) Beautiful August post. I love your lavender too.

  5. Oh Billie Jo I love October as well! I also love your pretty lavender and your lovely views. So peaceful and inviting. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  6. No!! I don't want summer to be over but it sure seems to be fading fast. I love that you got out there with your camera to capture the beauty. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  7. I sure enjoyed visiting with you and seeing what your week has been. Fall, October and the colors becken to me too. Your pictures are soooo good!

  8. Billie Jo, I love seeing touches of autumn in August. I noticed one reddish color leaf on a tree filled with green leaves. I gave it much encouragement!

  9. What a gorgeous little girl...

    And I so love, to see little girls, 'look' like little girls. :-) That's the "Nana" in me.

    What lovely photos you have taken. Simply gorgeous. Capturing late Summer... August... perfectly.

    Oh you still have Queen Anne's Lace blossoming. Ours is an early bloomer, up here in upper NYS. Although there are other wild flowers, which look like 'QAL', which keep blossoming. I'm quite confused, about which is which.

    Lovely to net-meet you.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  10. You have a way with the camera. Such beautiful pictures of your family and your surroundings. :) I hope you have wonderful weekend. :)

  11. The lavendar is beautiful and I'll bet it smells so good, too. You have a lovely view in your yard from the playset. I have Autumn on my brain too..... this has been a hot summer!

  12. Hi, Billie Jo~

    Oh my goodness, I just love all of your beautiful photos!! This time between, Summer and Autumn is also one of my favorite times. The flowered seem to perk up, the weather is cooler, school starts and the stores are filled with, crayons and the smell of brings back good memories of when my children were small.

    I have noticed that some of the trees are starting to change and rustle a little more when the wind blows.

    We are anticipating the, Eclipse on Monday...totality!! Hopefully the sky will be clear as a bell!

    Have a great weekend!!


  13. Oh, sweet Billie Jo. You're blog always speaks of beauty and peace. I just enjoy reading it when I can drop by. The kiddos are growing up. I see the older ones are almost grown. I'm sure you're seeing the changes everyday, but live in the moment. That is beautiful and I say again, cherish each day. It is gone before you know it.

  14. So with you on the Oct on the brain thought. Mine has been there for a couple of weeks now. Great pics. I love lavender.

  15. Hello my friend ♥ Your week looks beautiful and relaxing! Those Gap jammies look very cozy! I need those for fall....which, btw is right around the corner! Yay! I hope you are enjoying these last weeks of summer : )

  16. Your photos are beautiful, especially the lavender along the fence. I love your August days. OH! And Anna has those same pajamas! So so so super soft!

  17. I just love all of the beautiful trees and flowers you have outside of you lovely home. Those trees are breathtaking. Have a good week my friend. Hugs. Juli

  18. Oh, yes, I do love October too!

  19. Yay for new PJs! Such beautiful photos.


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