August 21, 2017

Have You Met My Mother?

Throughout the past five years, I have written a bit about my mother. I sometimes post pictures of her sharing wonderful moments with our family. Yet, I don't know that I have ever actually introduced you to the most amazing woman I have ever mom.

This is my mother.
Isn't she beautiful???
Inside and out.

My mother's name is Margaret.
My dad called her Queenie.
Isn't that the best?

My mom is the most giving person I know.
She finds joy in doing for others.
And she never...never...expects anything in return.

There was a time in her life when my mother cared for four generations of family.
She cared for her mother, who she loved deeply, my father, the love of her life, my sisters and myself, as we gave birth and brought home babies, and her grandchildren, whom she loves more than anything.
When I say she cared for all of us, I mean it. 
She drove my grandma to appointments, fed her in the nursing home, helped my father with his business, made sure he took his medicine and had a good meal every night. She ironed my clothes and mopped my floors...even emptied my cat's litter box when I was pregnant. And she happily stayed with me after the births of all my, cleaning, getting kids off to school.

It is not just that she DID these things.
She did them with total love and happiness in her heart.
She is the most selfless person I will ever know.

I have never heard my mom speak badly of anyone.
She has a heart incapable of that.
She is simply a good person.

She tells us that the happiest time of her life was raising her girls.
I have so many wonderful memories of that time.
I remember her piling us into her Jeep and driving us to our summer vacation home.
We had an eight track tape called High Energy we used to listen to the entire way.
She still remembers that!!!

In high school, she welcomed all my friends into our home for hot chocolate after football games, and taco making parties every weekend.

My mom looks beautiful in the color green.
She loves cereal with fruit for breakfast, and sometimes for dinner too.
My mother watches cowboy movies on Sundays, and loves to sit on the beach.
Some of my most favorite memories are of my mom and Madison chasing birds on the beach.
I remember when Madison was little...
Waking up at the beach to find a note in my mom's distinctive handwriting:
Down at the beach with Madison!

My mother is eighty years old.
But she is so young in her heart.
She is so in touch with all things new and hip.
She can talk with Madison, Peyton, and Rhett about popular news, and at the same time be sure to practice ballet moves with Flynn in our kitchen.

My mom loves to have her coffee while she watches the news in the morning.
She likes peanut butter toast and plays cards every Thursday.
She is always smiling.
Even when I know her heart is sad.

She misses her soulmate.
But she knows someday, she will see him again.
And that brings her comfort.
Her faith is inspiring.

My mom loves the ones we love.
She and Nicolas have so much fun.
Even washing dishes.

And this cat loving lady even fell for my puppies!

My mother tells me often that I am doing a wonderful job raising my family.
There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than knowing that this woman who I adore and admire and emulate is proud of me.

I tell her that if I can be half the woman she is, I will be glad.
And I mean it.

My mother has a saying...
She tells us all the time and she writes it in every card...
"You are Loved!!!"

YOU are loved, Mom!!!
Thank you for being you.

So now you know my amazing mother, sweet friends.
I am proud to share her with you. : )


  1. Such a wonderful tribute for your Mum, she is certainly loved.

  2. Goodness Billie Jo, your tribute to your mother made me cry. Tears of joy for you and your family. Of course you have a wonderful mother as I can tell you are the same as her. You really favor her--so sweet and pretty. This post certainly reminded me of my dear Mama--I miss her so much. We will all meet again. ♥

  3. That was such a lovely tribute to your mom! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. What an inspiring tribute! She is beautiful. Thank you sharing with us. <3

  5. She is a beautiful lady and amazing. You are truly blessed.

  6. Your beautiful mother reminds me of my beautiful mother too. She passed away 9 years ago in June. I miss her terribly but we will be reunited in heaven. Of this I am sure. Nannie

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your incredible, beautiful mother! I can tell the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you are as beautiful and sweet as your mother is! Thanks for introducing her.

  8. Beautiful post. Everyone deserves a mom like yours :).

  9. What a gem your mother is. I love how you love her, you are both very lucky.

  10. Now that is a sweet tribute! From your post and pictures shared it's evident that she is a wonderful, loving part of your family. A great mom is a gift to treasure!

  11. What a beautiful tribute. She's a wonderful blessing!

  12. What a sweet tribute to your mom! She has a very sweet daughter too!

  13. Oh this makes me cry. Happy tears of course. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing Godly woman. You are truly blessed my friend. Love she signs her cards that way. My Granny and Pop always signed theirs P.S. Somebody love you (meaning God first and then the two of them).

  14. What a lovely tribute to your beautiful mom!

  15. Crying. I love your mom and am so glad that you did this post. I loved learning all about her more on this post. Billie jo, she is so beautiful and I am so glad she's yours.

  16. Hi Billie Jo~

    I loved geting to know your mom, she is beautiful...she reminds me of you... :-) loved all of the photos, especially the pictures with your father, you can tell she adored him! I can tell that, "she is loved".

    What a precious post, Billy Jo!


  17. I ADORE this post!!! Gram is the most selfless, loving, caring woman, and YOU are so much like her <3

  18. What a beautiful tribute to your mom- she sounds SO lovely and wonderful!! :)

  19. A lovely post.

    A lovely tribute to your much loved Mother.

    Gentle hugs, to both of you,
    Luna Crone

  20. This brought tears to my eyes. You are truly blessed that God gave you such an amazing mother. What an inspiration she is. Hugs to you. Juli

  21. Now I know how you came to be so wonderful....♥ What a beautiful tribute. She is an amazing woman!! I love her already! xo

  22. What an amazing woman to have in your life! Thanks for introducing her.

  23. Such a beautiful woman! What a great roll model to have grown up with, you are blessed!

  24. What a wonderful lady your Mom is!! I am glad to have met her in this way through your blog and even gladder for you that you have such a wonderful Mom and that she has such a wonderful daughter in you!

  25. I hadn't even scrolled down and I felt myself saying toughen up because I knew...I KNEW I was going to cry. I did pretty good until I got to the picture of you two holding hands. As you know I lost my momma and miss her very much. Thank God for your momma being so healthy. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. I know I don't know her but please give her a hug from me.

  26. What a beautiful post to your lovely and wonderful Mother! Moms are such a joy! I miss mine every single day. Love that yours is able to spend time with you and your sweet family!


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