July 12, 2017

What I Wore...Saturday Night

I thought I would do a few of these "fashion" posts while Madison is still here. Because. Help. Anyway, Saturday night I felt like I had it pretty much together, so she took some quick pictures in-between downpours, before we headed  out to Mass and dinner.

I always keep it real here.
I threw this outfit together in five minutes.
That is easy to do that when you keep a few favorite staple pieces handy.
And when you love neutrals. : )

Can you tell how obviously awkward I felt during this one?

There. That's better.
I love these linen pants!
They are so comfy!
And so forgiving.

Ok. All done!

Pants: Just Living from T. J. Maxx
Size: Medium

Tank Top: Gap
Size: Large

Sweater: Loft
Size: Medium

Sandals: Dansko from The Walking Company

Bag: Guess 

Sunglasses: T. J. Maxx

Not pictured: My favorite sandals ever, left behind on the ship.
Along with a suitcase.
Don't ask.


  1. I love the outfit! Linen pants...that's something I need for our hot/humid summer days.
    And cute purse. <3

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Linen pants are great this time of year. Bummer about the sandals.

  3. Oh no! Your favorite sandals and a whole suitcase? What a bummer. You don't look awkward at all, just lovely. Those pants are wonderful!

  4. You look fantastic. I love these posts. Keep doing it after Madison leaves....you can DO this. I love TJ Maxx. Such good stuff there. Your hair looks terrific, too. You make me want to ditch my jeans and t shirts. Kind of ;)

  5. I am a great fan o f linen pants, a staple for the summer.

  6. You are beautiful and so put together! And the suitcase? Really? Can you get it back? Oh Billie Jo, I'm sorry!

  7. You are such a cutie patootie!!!

    You are the second person in 24 hours who I heard left valuables behind on the cruise ship. I'm sorry. That stinks!

  8. You look so pretty, Billie Jo. I love linen pants as well. I'm sorry to hear about your items left behind from your cruise. I hope you can retrieve them! ♥

  9. You look terrific!
    My daughter worked at a church camp last year.
    One of the campers picked up her backpack with her
    favorite boots! She tried to track it down, but
    she never got them back. My condolences on your
    things especially the sandals!

  10. You always look great, Billie Jo, honest. smiles

  11. You look really great! Love the cute bag!

  12. Oh my - you look so cute!! Bummer on the suitcase! Hope your summer is going great!

  13. You look stunning!!! I'm a fellow "neutrals girl" so I totally get it. I love your outfit and cute bag! I need to go to TJ Maxx more. Those pants are perfect! Love the whole look! (hair & makeup too : )

  14. whoot whoot Work it Girl Work it!


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