July 10, 2017

Did You Know...

Surprise, right?

Enough said.

I do love to do laundry.
But I would rather let a basket sit for days before putting it away!

All. The. Time

Ask my kids.
It's true.
And even then, I get it half right.

And then there is this.
I love this show.
Have you seen it?
It is older, but the funniest show ever on Nick.
Madison watched it years ago.
We still love it.
Here's why...

We watch it on Amazon. But it is also available on Hulu.

Ok. That's all for today!
Thanks for hanging in there.

One more.

Last one,

Have a great day, friends!

Shout out to Pinterest for the fun.


  1. Great pictures this morning, and I relate to each of them! lol You gave a big smile to begin my day....thank you and have a good one yourself.

  2. Yes! I love doing laundry. Like for real I do. But putting it away? Not my strong suit. :) Have a wonderful start to the week!

  3. lol, too funny! Thanks for the morning laugh :)

  4. This WAS fun. I think you speak for a lot of us with these. That one about the drive-thru.....so true. I get all nervous about it. I usually write it down and read it off a piece of paper.
    Thanks for the fun.

  5. Such a fun post, I loved it. It really brightened my day.

  6. A great way to start out a new week!!!! hehehehhehe

  7. {{{giggling}}} AMEN SISTA. lol

  8. So funny, Billie Jo! I enjoyed them all, except the last one. I was at the dentist today and he and I both agree I need a crown---I do believe he has something else in mind. ♥

  9. Oh my gosh, rehearsing at the drive-thru!! Yes! I laughed so hard!

  10. I can identify with so many of these. LOL

  11. I'm with ya on the yoga pants!

  12. Fantastic Billie Jo! You are so good at giving us lovely things to smile and in this case laugh at. Thank you for being such a cheer!

  13. Billie Jo, I've been doing yoga lately and I feel stronger and just better all the way around. There are some good instructional videos on YouTube if you are interested. xo

  14. Hahaha! I have to agree about food having calories. Especially chocolate chip cookies. ;)

  15. The drive through one! For realz!

  16. Yes! Yes! Yes to all of these! So funny! I can't tell you how many times I've turned on what I thought was the front burner of my stove and stood there waiting for the tea kettle to whistle. When if fact...it was the back burner. Oh ya. It's happened. More than once : )

  17. Oh Lord Friend, This had me cracking up Loud! I can relate to the 2nd one. You know I love watching Drake & Josh Is it wrong for about a second I thought maybe we should switch over to hulu -lol thanks for the laughs-I needed them.


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