May 5, 2017

Weekend Plans

Happy May! And happy weekend! Normally, a May weekend around here involves a lot of porch sitting, grass mowing, and bike riding. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn't get the memo. Our weekend will involve some more cozy inside time, as we are expecting possible snow flurries! No matter, though. Spring will be here soon. I hope my lilac bushes hang in there to see it!

Friday afternoon a friend of ours is coming over so he can help Peyton bake her very first cheesecake! While it is cooling, we are going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I am all about the shrimp quesadillas!

Saturday I am tackling the mudroom. Currently it houses boots, coats, jackets, gloves, sandals, flip flops, sunhats, sneakers, ice scrapers, umbrellas, and plenty of dust and dirt. So that should take care of most of the day! We have Mass followed by dinner with my mom to round out the day.

Sunday is going to be cold here in Pennsylvania. I will take that as a sign to get some home projects done before we head outside for the season. Steve has lightbulbs to replace and pictures to hang. I have a linen closet begging to be organized! And make up brushes to wash before Madison gets home!!! Dinner Sunday will be some type of pasta with salad. I'm thinking manicotti. And I hope Peyton will whip up a dessert.

We had a quiet week here in our cozy home. Here are a few pictures of what went on...

Morning coffee on the porch was put on hold.
Replaced with cozy blankets on the couch...

Which isn't such a bad thing at all.

We took advantage of a beautiful day last weekend,
And my girl still loves her flowers.

If you have children, and have not heard of Little Bear,
I am here to tell is simply the best children's show ever.
Mornings around 9:00 on Nick Jr.
Flynn and I watch it every morning...Just as Madison and I did twenty years ago.

Woody joined us on our visit to the dentist this week...

And he checked out fine.
As for our No Cavity streak...
It continues!
Twenty years, four kids, no cavities.
I attribute it to no soda and pure luck.

Back in the schoolroom, we are finishing up first grade with a fun unit on the life cycle of frogs.
Which works out great, since we have some tadpoles swimming around right down the road.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Enjoy it your way!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend. Your week looked lovely.

  2. Your plans (for today especially) sound awesome! I'd love to share a Mexican dinner with you with margaritas. Yummy! P.S. I love your coffee mug ;)

  3. Your puppy is so cute!!! All four of my children and I watched Little Bear. It truly is an awesome show. We also loved to watch Franklin. Not sure if they still play that on Nick Jr. or not. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs. Juli

  4. Good Morning Friend, Your coffee on the couch looks so cozy, and Mocha oh so sweet all cuddled up right by your side. Oh How I miss Little bear, One of my personal favorites as a child, which I passed on to my children, we also watched the show, along with Franklin, curious George, Arthur, Charlie and Lola and so many more Oh I'm making myself tear up lol Enjoy your baby girl. Cant wait to see Peyton's Cheese Cake! I have been M.I.A. from blog land but I always come right to your blog and I feel right at home. Have a lovely day Billie Jo!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend lined up with the kids. Peyton's cheese cake making should be fun! Glad your sweet girl is coming home to clean makeup brushes! lol Oh! Little Bear has always been a favorite at our house! xo Diana

  6. Sounds like a cosy weekend. Snow in May is not what we expect, hopefully your lilac will be alright.

  7. Little Bear! That was my Megan's favorite show. I have to admit that it is my favorite too! Such a simple, calm show. I love it!

    Rain, rain and more rain is what we are having around here. Since Wednesday afternoon we have had 3.5 inches of rain. Add that to the 4.5 we received last weekend and it is soggy around here. Instead of gardening this weekend we will be nice and cozy inside.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I am not lying when I say that we JUST started watching Little Bear on Amazon Prime this week with my kiddos. It's the perfect calm show. Wow, I am so jealous of your no cavity streak. We have lousy genetics for teeth (thanks to my side) unfortunately and our molars are really "pitty." So even though we are obsessive about brushing teeth my guy already has a spot they are "watching." Have a wonderful cozy weekend and enjoy that shrimp quesadilla!

  9. We arent having the snow, but we are having cold rain for a couple of days. Inside time! Hope the cheesecake turned out good...I love it! Have a warm, cozy weekend.

  10. Such sweet photos of you and your sweet family, Billie Jo. It's been a little cooler here as well, but no snow but a lot of rain. I love the cute photo of Flynn with Woody. So cute that he went to the dentist! That's so great your children have no cavities! Have a happy weekend. ♥

  11. Hi Billie Jo! Wow, your family has a great dental record! No cavities! Good job mom! I love that you are having a cozy, cool-weather weekend. We are 108 here today - way too hot - way too soon. Have a wonderful weekend. See you next time, my friend!

  12. Your weekend sounds cozy and perfect!! I'll have to show the girls Little Bear. I forgot about that one! My youngest brother loved it as a kid. :)

  13. Love Little Bear! No cavities is the best!! Happy Mothers Day to a Mom that loves being one! Roxy

  14. Little Bear is my favourite kids show. Loved watching it when my kids were young.
    4 kids, no cavities you are definitely doing something right.

  15. If you wash your makeup brushes this weekend, I'll do your makeup everyday I am home! ;)
    Mocha is sooooo cute! And I miss Little Bear :(

  16. Oh how we loved Little Bear!!! I bet you are excited to have Madison (which reminds me, I must visit her) home soon, smiles.

    Billie Jo, its so gray here and still raining and its 42* here in western NY. sigh. Do try to have a lovely weekend my friend.

  17. Still snow on May? Wow, Mother Nature is full of surprises lately.
    A lovely time still to stay in and comfortable and warm. I love your mug, btw. Where'd you get it?

  18. My girls are 20 and 19, but we all loved Little Bear, especially my youngest! I had to buy the VHS tapes because if she woke up late and missed him, she would be so upset. Thanks for reminding me of such sweet memories!
    From Texas!!!!


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