April 7, 2017

Weekend Plans

We had a taste of spring here this week, and yet today we may see snow! This may be one of our last cozy, stay inside weekends. And that is alright with me. Tonight we are taking my mom and our dear friend Blueberry Mary out to the Lenten Fish Fry at our church. My sister Margie and her husband Chris are joining us.

Saturday is free during the day, and then we have Mass in the late afternoon. After Mass, we usually go out to dinner before coming home and changing into pjs for a cozy evening in. My favorite. : )

Sunday looks to be a bit warmer, and Steve has plans to head out to our camp to take a look around at his food plots and other exciting stuff. (Insert a bit of sarcasm here.) Depending on the weather, the rest of us will either spend the afternoon outside getting things out of storage, riding bikes and playing Four Square, or relaxing inside with some good Sunday afternoon movies. Sunday nights no longer feature The Walking Dead here, sigh...waiting until October!!!...But The Spring Baking Championship is in full swing so there's that. : )

That is what is up here this weekend my friends, and this is what was happening this past week here in our cozy home...

Just our little family...minus one...

Who is enjoying her Danish life across the ocean. : )

Steve sent me this picture of Rhett and his awesome friend Alan last Sunday.
They had a really fun time at the Penguins game.
They also ate at Five Guys!

Not to be outdone...
We treated Marian to this gourmet meal!

Time out for photos of our snuggly pups...

Puppies are life.

My sweet friend Heather surprised me with this beautiful, light up bunny for Easter.
Love having cozy lights, even at this time of year. : )

Remember last week when I told you Flynn's favorite online game Club Penguin was ending?
Well, she asked if she could take pictures of her favorite things, and make a scrapbook.
So, when I was ordering he pictures, I also ordered this fleece blanket.
Walmart for the win!
Ok, I know I complain about going there, but I am all about their awesome online things!
She. Was. Thrilled.
And I was too...only $35!

This is how I eat breakfast.
Every. Single. Morning.
With Jim Perry and the 1970's version of Card Sharks.
And Mocha.
Waiting for me to finish so she can have a taste of milk.
And seriously...I don't always eat Lucky Charms. 

We had our first nice day here this week!!!
Someone was super excited to be outside!
And look...
I love the sun shining right down on her.
I'm thinking it's my Dad keeping an eye on her. : )

I was the relegated babysitter.
And happy to do so.

Spring and summer...we are ready for you.

And Look!!!
Look at this!
I sent a tweet to The Bachelor Nick telling him we voted for him on Dancing With the Stars...
And he liked my Tweet!
I'm thinking I may have an In with the Bachelor franchise...
First I meet and chat with Chris Harrison...
Now this!
And yes.
I am 47 years old.
Sometimes even I question my maturity level.

Just this.

And that's a wrap.
Have a wonderful, cozy, happy weekend before Holy Week, my friends.
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. First of all...what a neat idea to do that blanket! I love it. All four of my children have played that game. I'm sad they are ending it. Your puppy is too cute! That is my dream puppy. I would have one now, but I just don't know how to potty train them. As far as your maturity level just go with it...it is awesome to be young at heart! I prefer to refer to myself as young at heart! LOL Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs. Juli

  2. Spring weather is everything. I am so happy that you're able to be outdoors and soon it will be porch time! My guy LOVES the "Hockey Penguins!" We tend to be Wild fans but when he found out there was a Penguin hockey team he was sold. I been it's super easy for you to find gear in stores! Thank goodness for online shopping! I love old school game shows. One day we are going to get together and be homebodies who bake and watch shows! :) Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  3. "I made it from the bed to the couch" Ha! That has been all week. I.can.not.get.motivated!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and no more snow! Finally some sunshine and warmer temps in Nebraska! It's headed your way!

  5. Every time yo say the word "cozy" I'm tempted to buy a plane ticket to your place. ;) Go Pens! I didn't know you had a camp (or is it of the hunting variety or something less fun than it sounds?) This is the first season in yearrrrs that I haven't watched The Bachelor. I know. But Luke was our classmate, and after they dropped him like a hot potato for Nick we couldn't do it anymore, lol. Happy Palm Sunday weekend!

  6. Billie Jo - have you ever watched the early 1900s period piece "When Calls the Heart"? The first three seasons are on Netflix and the current season is on right now on Sunday nights on the Hallmark Channel. I got hooked on the show a a couple months ago and binged watched all of the Netflix episodes and then watch it on Sundays when it comes on. I love it because well...it is Hallmark, so totally family friendly and just a good show. Definitely some cheesiness, but I am okay with that! Your comment about the Walking Dead being over on Sunday night made me think about asking you if you had seen When Calls the Heart. Also, the light up bunny is super cute! I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  7. All these photos are great - especially the family one <3 Love youuu

  8. Well, I just felt better reading this post! A happy and healthy family! Very sweet!!

  9. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend planned. And how exciting that Nick liked your tweet! And I'm 47 and have been enjoying the Bachelor the last few season so don't feel bad. :)

  10. Sorry I'm catching up late - but loved all of this! I always enjoy seeing what you and your fam are up to and your beautiful photos!
    And I think you're SO right about the Bachelor connection!! Lol! I haven't watched the past few seasons but always have enjoyed those too. Maybe you can be a special correspondent to Chris? Lol! Love it!!! xoxo

  11. ha ha you are so funny. Love all the photos and WOW Rhett is getting tall.


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