February 20, 2017

Another Fashion Post

Also known as..."What I Wear When I Actually Get Dressed To Leave The House For An Extended Period Of Time In February, And It Is Sixty Five Degrees Outside". But seriously, as much as I was happy to have a warmer day, I wasn't quite ready to think about where I had put my lighter clothes. Our mudroom currently houses an assortment of various boots, winter shoes, hoodies, and winter coats. For the past four months or so, when we leave the house, we grab a coat, throw on some boots and head out the door.

What to do when it is still mid winter in Pennsylvania, but feels more like April or May?? Situations like this always throw me off. I have to think too much! So, I did what I thought would work. I compromised. I grabbed a lighter sweater from my closet, but also wore my boots. I guess it worked out alright. I really am not the best person to ask about fashion. I am all about neutral colors, one or two pair of pants and a couple pair of jeans. I like sweaters over tanks or blouses...thank you midlife...and I have no interest in shoes! I honestly had the same pair of black slip-ons for at least six or seven summers. I suppose I collect books like some collect shoes and bags. Do what you do, right?!

In any case, this is what the fashion challenged me ended up with on a random Saturday in February...

So this is on our driveway...
Where it windy...
And right before Rhett reminded me I wasn't a model.  : )

Maybe this would be better.
Outside a bit later.
Maybe not.
But for the record:
Sweater-Gap Size L
Black Blouse- Loft Size L
Jeans-Loft Size 10
Boots-Macy's Size 8
Bag- Dooney and Bourke

I love the sweater because it is light and comfortable.
The blouse is a favorite because. Black.
Slimming and all.
But really, it does hide a great deal. : )
The jeans are THE MOST COMFORTABLE jeans ever.
They give, but not so much that they stretch out.
The boots are fun. Not the most comfortable.
And the Bag?
It was a gift from Steve.
I like to think of it as an all season bag.
Anyway, there you have it.
And yes. 
I'm already in my pajamas as I type. : )


  1. As always, you look stunning, my friend! And oh those boots...I LOVE them :)

    Happy Monday to you! Hugs

  2. That's what I call "real life" fashion. Perfect for your age, the weather and running errands. You look great. If you want to follow along with two sweet gals and aren't already, Shelly from Queen of In Between and Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine are the best. MIx of posts, but many fashion and age appropriate. They always looks fabulous and are so sincere.

  3. You are adorable! I love the bag!!! STEVE!!! I love the light sweater and the black/grey colors. With the pop of color from the bag it is perfect!

  4. You are blessed with a wonderful husband, he can certainly pick out a good handbag. You look wonderful.

  5. I think you look beautiful. The perfect outfit for February that feels like spring!

  6. You look beautiful and that bag is awesome! Have a great week!


  7. Perfect for those in between days. I smiled at the black comments. My daughter recently asked if I had skirts and pants that weren't black for church. Yes, but when she is 46 she will understand. :)

  8. Lookin' good, girlfriend!

    Okay, I have to say, your outfit (what you refer to as spring weather clothing) is like my winter clothing down here in TX. LOL. When I went up to visit my mom over Thanksgiving? I was freaking out because I had no "real" winter clothes for her climate. So I layered and layered and layered.

    Love the color of your purse!!

  9. You are too funny. I loved your alternate title. You look fantastic in those pics. And boy, Steve does a great job with the handbags. Didn't he pick out that fall/leaf one last year? He's got good taste and sure knows what his lady likes.
    I'm like you....I DO NOT like buying shoes. But I just told my daughter tonight that if you're ever in doubt with what to get me, get me a handbag or a watch and I'd be happy.
    Thanks for sharing. Fun post!

  10. I love your outfit! I also wear size large in tops and size 10 jeans. I love that you are in your PJ's as you type. If I am home for a bit of time, I almost always change into my comfey PJ's. Have a great week. Hugs. Juli

  11. You are too cute! Love the outfit and if it works and is comfortable, then there you go. Its worth it! But pajamas are just where its at! Ha! ;)
    Those boots are super cute and I love that bag!
    You are a great model for mamas!

    Enjoy your week and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

    Hugs, Amy

  12. Hi Billie Jo!

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post, very comforting.

    You look like a model! I love the purse, your husband has very good taste . . .obviously... ;0) You are just adorable!

    Here in Idaho, sweaters and boots are normal. I will be very honest - I rarely wear a coat, only sweaters here in the cold north. But boots are a must!


  13. You do look so fashionable! You go girl!

  14. Oh goodness - you're so adorable!! I love those boots - and of your handbags are always drool worthy!! I think we have very similar fashion senses. ;)

    Been loving the amazingly mild temps for this time of year here too. Just heaven!!

  15. You look fabulous sweetie! Am looking for some jeans -- sadly our LOFT closed last year -- may have to go on a shopping trip! Warm here too, but colder temps are on the way! Love that bag!!!

  16. You are too cute!!! I love your outfit and all around look! So comfy and flattering at the same time. Love, love, love your bag and boots too! The warm weather here had got me wanting to dig out some spring things. I have a cardigan sweater that is almost exactly like the one you are wearing (I got mine at Khols) and I'm wearing it right now - over a black shirt naturally. Love your fashion posts! xx


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