Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Well, That Was...


The next time we see another Supermoon grace our skies, will be November 25, 2034.
I will be...ahem...sixty-five years old.
Soooo. Yep.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!


  1. Loved seeing the super moon!! Wasn't that so cool!! Happy Wednesday!

  2. What a joy to see the supermoon. Regrettably this side of the pond it was cloudy so we couldn't see it, disappointing.

  3. Love your photos...we tried to get some, but they were not that great. :)

  4. Wow! you got great photos! I didn't get to see it when it looked like that.

  5. I looked up at the same moon. Oh, and 65 is the new 40

  6. It was cloudy here :( So nice to see your gorgeous photos of the lovely show in the sky!

  7. I was outside that night taking photos as well. It was beautiful! And the best that we all share it! ♥

  8. You took gorgeous pictures of the Super Moon! Thanks for sharing!


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