November 18, 2016

Weekend Plans

Friday already! And time to make some plans for the weekend. Fortunately, we have only one thing planned and it is our sweet baby's 7th birthday! We celebrated her with family and friends Wednesday at a movie party, so her actual birthday will be just us. And Grandma, of course!

Friday evening we will spend wrapping presents in princess paper, and then spend some time playing our new favorite game...Uno Wild Jackpot. Flynn received it from Aunt Margie and Uncle Chris, and the kids have played it every free moment since! I am anxious to see what all the excitement is about. : )

Saturday is Flynn's birthday! She always asks for Pumpkin Bread for her birthday, so after Mass we will have Tuna and Noodles...her choice...and celebrate her with chocolate chip pumpkin bread and presents! Grandma will be here to celebrate with us, and we are so glad. : ) I am not even going to lament the fact that my girl is seven. I'll save that for another post. : )

Sunday is gloriously free! And...we are expecting snow! We are planning on putting the tree up in the schoolroom, and also begin wrapping some gifts we have for friends and family. I really try to do things early and mindfully, so we can enjoy the season in awe and in peace. I am thinking Sunday will be the perfect day for a crockpot meal. I think I have some chicken thighs in the freezer. Any thoughts?? We will finish our last weekend before Hunting Season commences watching The Holiday Baking Championship followed by The Walking Dead. And most likely some cocoa and cookies on the couch too. : )

Here is a peek back at the week that was in our part of the world...

Last weekend we made our annual trip to The Hallmark Store so the kids could pick out their ornaments...

This years selections...
Peyton...Winter Warlock from her very favorite Christmas movie ever...Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.
Rhett...Iron Man from one of his favorite movies... Captain America: Civil War.
And Flynn...Cinderella holding her pink dress. Because. Cinderella. : )
I also got one for my Madison. But will refrain from posting about it in case she is reading. ; )

And so it begins.
Our Christmas Season.

While elsewhere is all about Christmas, the schoolroom is focused on all things Thanksgiving.
This week we studied my favorite...Cranberries!

We did a super fun experiment with dried cranberries and Sprite...

And were happy to see our hypothesis was correct.
They will dance in bubbly liquid!

We also did an experiment to see if cranberries sink or float in water.

We read this beautiful and charming book.
I was introduced to it by my longtime blogger friend Patty last year.
It has quickly become a favorite.

We also studied turkeys, and learned a lot about the difference between wild turkeys and farm raised ones. We are blessed to have many wild turkeys in our own backyard!

And of course, Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete with out a headband to wear, right?

Insert random picture of my puppy Mocha.
Because. Come on!
A photo by my littlest one... Flynn. : )

And finally, some photos of Flynn's super fun Toy Story movie party!

One with her bestie...

One with Grandma at the theater...

And one with her sweet little cousins and friends.
They were thrilled with the little Sheriff Woody badges!

The table was set...

And we enjoyed chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, made by Peyton of course!
I found those darling toppers on Etsy.
And they were a hit!
After cupcakes and presents, we got our popcorn and drinks and headed into the theater to watch one of my favorite movies ever...
Toy Story.
And my girl was happy. : )

Have a wonderful weekend with your people my friends!
Thanks for visiting. : )

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet 7 year old! Such a wonderful and fun age!! I say it over and over - you really have the sweetest family! Sounds like a perfect weekend! Maddy would be in heaven with snow in the forecast! Have a great celebration and weekend!

  2. What a great birthday party!!! Your little one is growing up. <>

    And I love your handwriting!

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I posted a honey garlic chicken and veggie recipe for the crockpot a couple weeks ago.

  4. Happy Birthday to a beautiful 7 year old, they grow up so quickly. Looks like a fun party. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Happiest of Happy Birthdays to Flynn!! It sounds like a wonderfully cozy weekend ahead. We've been getting some snow today in the northwoods. Bring on the cozy!

    Doing a giveaway on the blog. Please pop by dear sweet Billie Jo! Would love to send you goodies if you win. ;)

    Blessings. Xoxo

  6. Happy happy happy birthday to your oh so beautiful baby (forever) girl!!! Her party sounds absolutely perfect. I love that picture of her with her Grandma at the theater. Enjoy your weekend Billie Jo!

  7. Growing so fast! Happy birthday to your darling!

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Flynn!!! Wishes for many more...have a lovely day.

  9. Have a great weekend celebrating Flynn, hoping she has a wonderful birthday!!

  10. Oh I didn't get a chance to read blogs yesterday but I am so glad I can wish Flynn a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on her very day! 7 is such a fun age. I hope you are celebrating and enjoying your wonderful weekend!

  11. Happy birthday to Flynn! Seven years old :) Wishing her a year filled with abundant blessings!

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like your family had a lovely weekend! Have a great week!

  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It looks like your family had a lovely weekend! Have a great week!

  14. What a great Party! Happy Birthday Flynn!


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