October 1, 2016


It's here. My very favorite month of the year. Thirty one days of crisp, cool air, colorful leaves, pumpkin patch visits and cozy evening cups of tea. October for me is the calm before the storm. The chance to sit back and relax before the excitement of the holidays. October is colorful. It is cozy. It is pumpkins and spice. It is here. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Pinterest for the pics.)


  1. Loved the pictures you shared with us. Autumn, a time for reflection and dreams is what it means to me. Hope you have a wonderful October.

  2. October is my favorite month too! It's glorious!

  3. I love October. Seeing the trees in all their splendour is breathtaking.

  4. I loveeeeeee fall as well...have a beautiful day friend.

  5. Right there with you friend...love love love October!!

  6. Happy October Billie Jo! I feel exactly as you do about October!! I stocked up my coffee & cooca bar now that the chilly weather is here upon us :) Always enjoy reading your posts! Sorry I don't comment more but I do read them! Blessing! Stay cozy! Lisa from Insta (hot_coffee4lisa)

  7. Hi!

    I could not agree more, it's one of my favorite months! Can you remember singing the song, Come Little Leaves? It may have been before your time, but thank you for sharing the poem, brought back some good memories!

    Enjoy that cup of tea!


  8. It is the loveliest month of the year, isn't it. And yes, it is also the calm before the storm

  9. So cute!!! I love October too, one of my favorite months!


  10. Forgive my absence Friend! The one bad thing about a trip - is often I end up with a lovely cold afterwards. Still suffering but yet trying to enjoy each glorious day of this - our favorite month!! I'm definitely doing lots of cuddly and cozy as I watch the leaves change each day out my window.

    Sending you cuddly, cozy, crisp leaves, yummy pumpkin and HEALTHY wishes dear Billie Jo!! xoxo


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