September 26, 2016

I Was A Teenager In The 80's

Having teenagers is fun. It really is. It reminds me that I was a teenager once.  You know...waaaay back in the 80's. Anyway, I lucky for me, Pinterest has an abundance of pictures of things that were a major part of my teenage life. Maybe they were some of yours as well. : )

First off...let's talk wardrobe, shall we?
I had this exact same sweater.
And totally adored it.

Another favorite...
This one I believe was actually my sister Margie's.
But I was known to raid her closet a time or two. : )

And then...these.
Teens today may think they have this all figured out...

Believe me...

They've got nothing on us 80's girls when it comes to loving our jeans!

Everyone. And I mean everyone wanted one of these for Christmas.

And we also usually got some of this too. : )

This was my fragrance of choice all through high school.
I can still smell it!
Even if I never could pronounce it. : )

So once we had the perfect sweater, the perfect pair of tight jeans, and a signature fragrance, we strolled through the halls hoping there was one of these inside our locker from our totally hot crush. : )

After school, we hung out in the kitchen and talked to our BFF about our totally hot crush, all while twisting that coiled cord around our fingers.

We knew it was payday when our mom brought these home for our after school snack.
They are Dipsies.
Not anything else.
They no longer exist.
Trust me.
I've searched.
But they were amazing.

So was this.
And yes.
I will forever assert that pudding tastes better in a can.

We watched this every single sick day.
I knew the names of all the models...Janice, Diane, and Holly... and how much to bid on the showcases too.

Things haven't changed all that much.
I was a book lover then too.
And this was always my first stop in the mall.

So that's a wrap on my trip back to high school in the 80's.
Did I miss anything?
Please...let me know.
I'd TOTALLY love to hear! : )


  1. Great pics. Anais Anais was awesome!! It is pronounced a-neigh a-neigh, like the sound a horse makes :). I was a teen in the late 80's early 90's and my perfume of choice was Eternity. I watched Kate and Allie every day along with Hollywood Squares. Funny about answering the phone without knowing who was calling. Now I won't answer unless I know who is calling.

    Acid wash jeans....shudder. a few years back when jeans went that really washed out blue (almost white) a young store clerk suggested them. I said no thanks and she asked why? I promptly told her they reminded me of my older brother in the 80's. She totally did not understand :).

    1. Oh and the notes remind me of grade 9 math class. A couple guys were passing a derogatory note around class about our teacher. The teacher intercepted it and read it out loud much to our horror. Nowadays kids could just text it and the teacher couldn't get it as phones are pass code

  2. Oh, Billie Jo, this was loads of fun. Although I was a teenager in the 70's, many of these things bring back memories to me too. Love's Baby Soft---that was my absolute fave! For me, days home from school were spent with Days of Our Lives.

    Oh, yes, the rotary phone with the long cord---and no caller ID. For us, we had a party line, with 3 others families. Can you imagine that nowadays?!

    I agree with you, having teens is fun. My kids are now in their 20's, but the teen years were really great for us. I know many parents dread the teen years, but we had a fantastic experience.

    Have a great day,

  3. Love this post! Some of these trends are coming back around and I'd totally wear that sweater if it was socially acceptable... Just kidding I'd wear it anyways.
    Hehe, All the love,
    Hugs from Hayley xx

  4. Oh wow -- what a fun trip down memory lane!! I remember all those too - those jeans were so cool, weren't they!! Not going to say what decade I was a teenager during, but I do recall all of these favorites :) I still have a phone on the wall! Ha -- I just couldn't get rid of it! :)

    Have a great week sweetie!

  5. Morning, This was a very cute post and yes the 80's were disco dancing for some... I am a bit older but I did like the rainbow shirt as I had one!
    Memories are so much fun!
    Hugs, Roxy

  6. I was there tooooooo! Although Trent, my 3 year older brother was the cool one, the one that everyone wanted for a friend. So I just followed him around. I think my name in high school was "oh, you're Trent's little sister" I loved that because somehow it made me feel cool right along with him. I loved those jeans and would 'peg' them right along with the cool kids! And I've saved my notes... all the ones from Scott!

    Awesome post! And totally awesome time to grow up!

  7. I loved, loved, the 80s. I am a bit older than you, so I wasn't in high school any more, but in college. The 80s were my time! I love the clothing, the music, the hairstyles. Great post about a great decade!

  8. Oh gosh, yes, the denim! And the fluorescent colours on clothes - I mean who thought bright orange and green socks was a good thing. It is all pretty scary to think of now, but we look back fondly don't we! xx

  9. OH MY GOSH! LIKE TOTALLY-this was ALL me! Totally! if you've seen my IG you will see I just posted a picture of myself in the 80 with my big hair! and can you say...Aqua net! lmho I still miss my jeans and That rainbow blouse was my fave did you wear Jelly shoes? and own a Walkman? me and my girls all rode beach cruiser bikes while all the guys rode mongoose, and we all hung out at Golf N Stuff Arcade (it's in The Karate Kid movie) Oh I love the 80's! I was also a Duranie and had John Taylor all over my bedroom wall- remember teen beat magazine? and how many of those wavy bracelets could we wear at once? lol Our kids are missing out I tell ya. thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

  10. Oh my goodness! The memories!! I had that rainbow shirt! And I still have some of those notes I saved from high school folded that way. And how we'd roll up our jeans that way. Tall bangs & lots of hairspray!! And don't forget neon jelly bracelets! I loved that pudding too. And I still remember my old phone # & my best friends too when we had phones like that. The best!

    We at least had the best music. And all the john Hughes movies! So fun you brought this up!

  11. Well, I don't need to tell you how much I loved this post. You know I'm a Big 80's fan when it comes to music. And my high school experience was the best, even when I was in tears crying over the boys that broke my heart. One item of clothes I had was a fluorescent yellow shirt that said "B Cool" I'm sure I paired that with my jeans that were two-toned....light in the front, dark in the back. So weird.
    Thanks for the memories. This post was really fun.

  12. A wonderful flash back that was a little different to mine on the other side of the pond but only trade names.

  13. I love this post! It brings back so many memories.

  14. Oh love this post.... as a child of the 80's also it brought back some great memories... lol... best era ever!!! ;-) Have a great night!


  15. Oh Billie Jo, what a fun post! I am loving the sweater with the unicorns on it {{smiles}} I was born in '86 but I remember the phone on the wall since we had one and I, too, remember writing secret notes to friends. Definitely the good ol' days.

    Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. I really enjoyed this post. HUgs!

  16. ...I haven't met you and I already love you!!! Time to de-lurk on this post, it just made me THAT happy! Love love love it all! How I WISHED for Jordache jeans...but I had Calvin's and Gloria Vanderbilt's!!!! The sweater is to-die for and how I miss good old Waldenbooks at the mall! I still have a huge pink lidded tub filled yes FILLED with notes folded just like that, cards, and real snail mail, and our wall phone was avocado green to match the avocado green range hood and oven, Sigh.... :). Thanks for the wonderful memories! ~ Colette

  17. Billie Jo, I grew up in the 60's & 70's. Love's Baby Soft was big in the mid-70's. I remember those jeans. I wore Dittos jeans back then. Love seeing your pictures!

  18. I loved this post!! So fun! Even though I didn't grow up in the 80s, it is one of my favorite eras, perhaps because I feel close to it since my parents always rave about how growing up in the 80s was a lot of fun because of the music and the clothes (and I love looking at photos of my mom in high school and her 80s hair and makeup) ;) I love the sweater that you had! I would wear that now, it's so cute. I enjoyed all of the blast to the past photos and your memories you shared. Oh handwritten notes and passing notes- I loved doing that, too. Until I had a teacher in middle school who made it her policy to read all notes that she caught being passed and she read a girl's note one day to the whole class :0 And thank you for bringing back memories of the Price is Right- I miss Bob Barker. Good days :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful autumn so far! It's always a joy to visit you. And I love your fall blog theme/decor.

    Blessings! Have a great weekend!

  19. Hi!

    You are spot on! I was not a teenager in the 80's, but my daughter was . . . kinda! I was a young mother, so all of those things are so familiar to me! So many things I had forgotten about!! Fun post!!


  20. I got one of those Leather Jackets for Christmas. LOL!!!!


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