August 19, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Summer is winding down here, and we are slowly beginning to notice. The evenings come sooner. The vibrant greens are fading. The sidewalk chalk is broken, and the bubble container is almost empty. Oh. And football is back on my television. Yep, summer is ending. We have a few more lazy weeks before we resume school. But I'm getting excited for a brand new start! Here are a few pictures of the week that was in our country home.

I have a wonderful neighbor named Charley. A few times a week, I open my door and find fresh vegetables from his garden. The zucchini are wonderful for chocolate cake...

And the best lasagna ever. Charley said so. ; )

Mocha. Because. Who doesn't love a picture of a puppy peeking out from underneath a dresser?

Me and my baby.

When seasons collide in a candy dish.

We are enjoying the summer afternoons with a daily walk...

And on this day, were happy to make it home before the storm rolled in.

My people. And Flynn's very first Steeler game.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Whatever you and your people are up to. : )


  1. That Lasagna looks amazing. Love that picture of Mocha. How cute!!

  2. How is it your area looks nice and ours up here is so brown....severe drought. {{{giggling}}}

    Loved the graphic at the end. Have a beautiful weekend, Billie Jo. smiles

  3. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Drinking my morning coffe with pumpkin spice creamer and enjoying the last of our summer season but looking forward to cooler days and a new season filled with hope. Your home is so beautiful!

  4. Don't think of it as "seasons colliding" think of it as you're ready for fall but still celebrating the Olympics. You're supporting your team. And the...election? Well that may be a stretch but true patriotism is never out of season. I hope Flynn enjoyed her Steelers game. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Yes, summer is indeed winding down. I especially notice it in the morning when I walk my dogs out. Used to be that it was light by 5:30. Not anymore!

    Such great photos...I love the one of you and your baby. She is a cutie pie. And so is Mocha. I agree, who doesn't love a picture of a puppy peeking out from under a dresser! In my case, the puppy is usually peeking out from under the couch.

    That lasagna looks scrumptious, and so does that cake. I have to admit, I have never tried the combination of zucchini and chocolate before.

    Ah, the Steelers. My favorite NFL team!!! Do y'all live in Pittsburgh? That's where I grew up and where my family lived for several generations. That beautiful city will always have a place in my heart.

    Have a lovely day,

  6. Your food photos always make me hungry and wishing that I lived a lot closer to you!! :) Is it really time for football again?? Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh another end to a season, bittersweet. But I am extremely happy to see Fall soon. I have seasonal anxiety, since I was a KID, during summer. So I'm not dad to see it go. My fave is lasagna, or anything Italian, so yours looks wonderful! Its funny how you said the sidewalk chalk is broken. Ours is little bits that I said I wanted to throw out just yesterday and my 6 year old wasn't happy, lol. And as for the Reese's, umm I'm not finding ANYTHING pumpkin yet except my Yankees! I need those Reese's! They're my favorite candy, besides everything chocolate! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Loved the photo of Mocha, made me smile. Have a wonderful weekend. I am now going to raid the fridge, seeing the chocolate/zuchinni cake has made me want one.

  9. I recently stumbled upon your blog via Rhonda @ If You Do Stuff, Stuff Gets Done. I have enjoyed poking around. :) I have zuchinni sitting in my kitchen scale. I just might have to combine it with a little chocolate this weekend. Yum!

  10. Flynn went to her first Steelers game? Oh my goodness! Love the chocolate. Love the one of you and your baby. Abigail has a little sundress on just like that right now. And Flynn, your necklace with the little pink bow is adorable! Love your Friday posts!

  11. I so love seeing what's been new in your wonderful and lovely country home my Friend and your sweet smiling face (& your beautiful fam)
    We've been feeling the Fall in the air here too -in between some hot temps now and then yet. I've also been seeing more leaves changing on my walks. Calling the kids home earlier because it's getting dark so much earlier too. Grabbing school supplies and ordering new quality backpacks online. Autumn is almost here...and I'm ready and it is good. Bring on the last kiddo soccer games, maybe a few more pontoon rides and rounds of golf and a BBQ or 2, but then bring on sweaters, swirling leaves, and hot tea!! I'm ready!!

    Blessings Beautiful. xoxo

  12. I love football season!!! I enjoyed looking at all your photoes - especially the one of you and Flynn!

  13. I love football season!!! I enjoyed looking at all your photoes - especially the one of you and Flynn!

  14. Lovely randomness, Billie Jo. Reminded me of how much I love eating my homemade lasagna, but I'm losing a few pounds so it'll have to wait. :(

    I'm ready for summer to end but it hangs on around here for at least another month or so.

    Happy start of school!

  15. Yep, we can definitely tell summer is ending here in Seattle too. Many of our trees are already turning gold! By the way, I loved the seasons colliding in the candy dish. :)

  16. Billie Jo, that cake and the lasagna!!! Yum! Your pictures are so pretty and little Mocha looks a bit sad. Maybe missing #1 daughter? I am so looking for autumn!

  17. Love the picture of you and Flynn!! Two beautiesđź’•

  18. Zuchinni in chocolate cake is novel. We make chocolate cake with beetroots. I love your lavender plant.

    God bless.

  19. Hello Billie Jo,

    I see that autumn has crept its way into you blog :)

    The best way to eat zucchini in sweet bread/cake or in pasta sauce.

    Your home and yard look so lovely.

    We celebrated a birthday in our house over the weekend - my youngest just turned 17. He starts college on Monday, so summer is pretty much over for us.


  20. I want Charley as my neighbor too! That lasagna looks so good! Enjoy these last few weeks of fall, my friend. September is just around the corner! : )

  21. Oh I NEED Lasagna now lol your neighbor sounds so nice, love the photos from your walk. it seems so peaceful where you live.


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