August 3, 2016

Happy Fourth Birthday, Little Blog!

Yep. That's right. Four years ago today, I hit "Publish" for the first time here, and this little ole blog was born. I am thankful I took a step out of my comfort zone that day, and ventured into a world that I had thus far watched from the outside. In a world filled with instant gratification and acknowledgement through places like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, this world of Blogging allows us to move more slowly. To take our time and reflect on what we share, and allows us to interact on a more personal level. While I do enjoy using some of the above apps, I still hold Blogging above them all. Yes, it takes longer. Yes, the feedback may be slower, but in the end, the results are, for me, much more personal and rewarding. I have made many wonderful friends here. I have learned many new things, shared many delicious recipes, and received many prayers when asked. So thank you, my Blogging friends. For these past four wonderful years. : )

To celebrate...Let's have a giveaway! I'm always on the lookout for neat little things, and came across these fun totes on...where else...Zulily. : ) I have three to share with three lucky readers. In true Billie Jo form, I will put everyone's name in a bowl and choose three random winners. Sound good? OK...let's enter, just let me know down below by Saturday, August 6th, and I will post the names on Monday, August 8th. Good luck!

The first name drawn will win this fun one...

The second...this one...

And the third...this one. : )

Good luck!
And again...Thank you for reading.
It means so much to me.


  1. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Wow, congratulations on 4 YEARS!

    I'm with you on blogging. To me, there is nothing like it. It is very personal. I think it is a fun way to share your own special style with friends, and what fun when they visit and leave friendly, encouraging comments.

    What a generous idea to give away these darling bags in celebrating your 4th blogging anniversary! They are just too cute. Why is it that I love vintage so much! I always have, since 6th grade.

    Have a happy Wednesday!

  2. Happy 4th birthday to you and your blog! I only discovered your blog in the last few weeks, but I have enjoyed my visits here. I wish you many more years of happy blogging.

    I'm with you on the satisfaction that comes from blogging. I actually don't use any other form of social media, including Facebook. I have a Facebook account, but I don't use it, and I often deactivate the account. I don't find "like it" button communication to be very satisfying.

    My daughter got married last year, and 3 of her bridesmaids were gals she had met through blogging. It really is a way of developing friendships.

    Blessings on your day,
    Patti @ Embracing Home

  3. Happy 4th Birthday! Has it been that long, really? I agree, blogging is more personal then the other social apps---and I only blog. I have met a lot of sweet people thru blogging and some in person and forming long lasting bonds.

    How cool those totes are...I love the last one, lol. Count me in, please for the drawing. Have a beautiful day friend.

  4. Oh Billie Jo, that last bag had me giggling :) You are so sweet to host a giveaway!

    Congratulations on 4 years of blogging, my friend. Did you know that in July I celebrated 4 years as well. I was tickled pink to learn that we started blogging around the same time. I am SO GLAD you started a blog otherwise I probably would not have met you. You are such a precious blogging friend and a lady that I look up to. I appreciate your posts and all that you do for your family.

    Blessings to you, dear one. I hope you are blogging for many, many years. Love and hugs!

  5. Happy Blog Birthday!!! The blogging world is a much better place with you in it! ♥ I'm so glad the internet has brought us together! Blogs are still my favorite too, for all the reasons you mentioned. Thinking of you this week, my friend! and thank you for the fun giveaway! Love them all!! :) xx

  6. Happy 4th Anniversary!!!
    I have read every one of your blog posts at least twice. You have no idea how much you have inspired me and I am so happy to call you my friend. Love you, friend!
    P.S. I would love to win one of those bags! Too cute!❤️

  7. Wow, amazing and happy 4th birthday to your blog! Such an inspiration! And oh my goodness, you just speak directly to my heart with these vintage bags!I always look forward to your posts as soon as I can get on. You're extremely blessed in a whole lot of ways you may not even notice. I'd love to participate in your generous giveaway. You're so sweet and here's to many, many more bloggy birthdays! 💟

  8. Hi, Billie Jo! I'm so happy to have found you.I started following you on Instagram a couple of years ago and was delighted that you had a blog. I've so enjoyed reading about you and your family and your wonderful country home. I love the holidays, too and am also secretly counting the days until I can decorate for back to school and Autumn. You inspired me to have more candles burning, more dessert making and most importantly to slow down and enjoy the little moments. I hope to read your blog for year to come. Happy anniversary!
    Pamm Brookins

  9. Happy Blogiversary, Billie Jo ~ I have missed four years of your blog, but never mind!
    Glad to meet you recently, blogging is a most wonderful way to meet warm and generous friends and share what you love most with like~minded people, I've found.
    I love the bags especially the one that says' I'm okay with my crazy'
    ~ that seems to be quite appropriate for me!!
    'Til next time ~
    x alex

  10. You find the cutest things! I love you and your blog! Thank you for letting us into your life.

    1. I would love to win one of the totes if that wasn't clear. :) You are awesome!

  11. Hi Billie Jo, I just found your blog and will be going back and reading older posts. I saw the bag about the dentist and had to laugh. My husband and I went to our appointments yesterday and I found out a root canal I had has "gone south", which means now I need a bridge. Boo hoo! Anyway I'll be reading your blog and have marked it. Thank you.
    Kathi D

  12. Billie Jo, congratulations! Four years is quite an accomplishment. I tend to change blogs every now and then and I need to stop doing that as I will never reach a four year anniversary at this rate. {{HUGS}}

  13. 4 Years! Wow time flies when your having fun and your blog is so fun! Happy anniversary! and Thank you for giving me the little push to hit that publish button on my own. I agree with everything you wrote about blogs they are much more personal, and for that reason are my favorite! I am so happy you are here, you are such an inspiration! I never tire of your posts and find myself reading some posts over and hey Peyton's recipe's always make my mouth water! those bags are so cute & funny I resemble the second one lol again Happy Anniversary and Thank you for well... for being you! you rock!!! MUAH!

  14. Congrats dear Friend!! I love sharing our time together in this little magical universe. ;) And the bags are adorable!! And are SO YOU! Lol

    Blessings on your 4 years and here's to many more! xoxo

  15. Happy anniversary! Four years.. I feel like I have know you for so much longer and truly cherish our friendship..

  16. Such cute bags! In November I'll be celebrating four years of blogging as well :)

  17. Congratulations on 4 years blogging. A wonderful giveaway, the captions on the totes all made me smile.

  18. Happy Blogaversary!!!!!! Here's to many more happy years of blogging!!! So glad I found your gentle and kind blog in blogland. You are a lovely person. Loved the last bag, I need a crown sometimes too!!

  19. That third one is hysterical!

    Happy 4th blogging birthday!!! You've brought so much fun to the blogosphere :)

  20. Happy 4th Blog-iversry!! I love all the bags, especially the crown one. LOL

  21. Happy 4 Years! Thanks for sharing your life with us!!

  22. Happy 4 Years! Thanks for sharing your life with us!!

  23. Found your blog about a month ago and read back 4 years worth of posts. Love your blog. Congrats!!

  24. Congratulations on your 4 year anniversary!!! I love the bags and had never thought to look for bags on Zulily I can think of a couple of friends these would make great gifts for.

  25. Happy Anniversary! I've been following your blog for awhile now and just love it. Thanks for the chance at one of those adorable bags.......:)
    Blessing to you and your family......

  26. I don't need the bags, just your friendship, so don't put my name in that bowl. All I can say is, that GOD you started this blog!


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