July 11, 2016

New Friends That You've Known Forever

You know that feeling, right? The moment you meet someone and feel as if you have been friends forever. That is exactly what happened this past week when my dear friend Joey and her wonderful family drove thirteen hours to visit me and my family here in our country home. I first "met" Joey a few years ago when I was on Instagram. We immediately found we had many things in common...among them...our love of home and family. And cooking family dinners. We became fast friends, as did our daughters...both named Madison. : )  So when Joey mentioned a road trip following her daughter's high school  graduation, we were thrilled! And that is how two families that live miles and miles apart...two families who otherwise would never have met...immediately became life long friends during the few awesome days they spent together.

Flynn anxiously waiting for them to arrive...

And suddenly...they were here!!!!
First up...a picture to capture the moment!

And then one with our girls, who were just as excited!!!

Joey with her amazing husband Roger, who thought nothing of driving thirteen hours to meet us.
Thanks, Roger. : )

The young people got right to work making a delicious dinner...
Pasta with fresh, sautéed vegetables, chicken tenders, garlic toast, and a yummy fruit salad that Joey and I threw together while we talked. And talked. Annnnd talked. : )

After dinner we headed out to the porch to visit more...

Like mother...like daughter. : )

We all talked and laughed and visited.
And we indulged in this amazing Chocolate Fudge Cake...courtesy of Peyton, of course. 
We talked until dark, and then Steve, Rhett, and Nicolas showed them the way to our cozy camp where they would be spending their nights.

Day two found my little lady making a brand new friend.
She and Roger played an intense game of checkers after we returned from a delicious lunch at a little café downtown.

Keep practicing, Roger...
She's ready for a rematch!

Flynn also asked Roger for some advice about her flowers...

And a brand new friendship was formed. : )

Later in the afternoon...Steve took off work early...Yay!...
We picked up a pizza and headed to camp.
We ate and visited and the guys started the perfect fire...

While the young ladies prepared the fixings for S'mores!

We also had mountain pies, hot dogs, and a special Danish bread treat that Nicolas suggested and Peyton and Joey's lovely daughter Maddie prepared.
Yummmmm. : )

It was a wonderful evening spent eating, talking, sharing, and laughing.
When darkness fell we put the fire out, said goodnight, and left them to enjoy the cozy cabin for one more night.
But not before making a list of donuts they would pick up the next morning!

Our last day together came much too quickly.
We had breakfast together...the yummy donuts they brought along with some our delicious fruit salad left from the other night...
Then we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie, took a run to Wendy's drive thru for lunch and put off saying goodbye.

When that time finally came, there were hugs and smiles and holding back of tears...
There were more hugs and pictures and talks of our next meeting...
Amid all that, there was a sense that something magical had happened over the past three days.
We knew we would all be friends forever.
And that made it a bit easier.
It wasn't goodbye.
It was simply...see you again.
Thank you, Joey, Roger, and sweet Maddie.
Thank you for blessing our lives.
See you soon!


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Those photos are so precious. That is how friendships are born, sweet friend. We have only met one bloggy friend thru the years, Sparky (Pam) and her lovely husband Steve and for the last 13 or so years, we have become part of each others families.

    I am hoping, Billie Jo, when I become a student at Mansfield next year, we can finally meet, smiles.

    Have a beautiful week ahead.

  2. Snobrød is the best!! So glad you met a new old friend and had a wonderful time!

  3. How wonderful, looks like you all had a wonderful time. A blessing to share such quality time together and have so much to talk about.

  4. That is so sweet that your two families became such good friends! What a blessing you all are to each other! Have a good week!

  5. The internet can be a bad place, but, oh, the good things it can bring our way. Like friends we wouldn't have made without blogging bringing us together.

    It was through blogging that my daughter made several friends. She and three of them became so close they call themselves "sisters of the heart," and they were bridesmaids in each others' weddings.

    Patti @ Embracing Home

  6. Two beautiful ladies and families, such joy!

  7. What a darling family! I so happy you all had such a wonderful visit! Oh Billie Jo... so happy for you

  8. This just shows how wonderful social media can be!!! So amazing!

  9. Three of the best days of my life. I love you and your family beyond belief.❤️ Thank you for capturing my feelings and putting them into words. So many of these pictures will be framed and proudly displayed in our home!

  10. Billie Jo, What a delightful visit! Friendship is such a precious gift (as are those delicious treats!)

  11. For some reason, this post made me cry. You just don't find these kinds of friends much these days. That's a God-thing for sure. What a blessing. I know you will treasure those memories.

  12. How wonderful, Billie Jo! You have certainly made some precious friends and like Bonnie said, you don't find friends like that very often.

    The pictures of your little one with Roger were just too sweet! Hugs to you!

  13. How wonderful that they drove all that way to meet you! True friendship and those smiles say it all! Looks like an amazing time well spent together.


  14. How wonderful to make life long friends! What a blessing. Your blog always makes me happy.

  15. What a wonderful story of strangers becoming friends.

  16. What a wonderful meet up and blossoming of friendships! Looks like a perfect visit! And happy belated 25th anniversary to you ! God bless!

  17. Sounds like such a lovely time!!! How nice that your families got to spend this time together.

    (And I just love the picture of Madison and Nicolas. Oh my goodness, how cute are they????)

  18. This is so wonderful! So happy for you both!!! ♥♥♥


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