February 26, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Last weekend the guys headed to camp to watch a bunch of noisy cars go around and around in an oval for hours The Daytona 500, so the girls stayed home and had some girl time. Translation: eating fast food, playing card games, and watching Lifetime movies. After our littlest one turned in for the night, of course. My sister Margie and Madison's friend Jessica were visiting too. : )

Pennsylvania weather...snow one weekend, spring temps the next. My little one was out before mass without a coat. Being super careful not to get her boots wet. : )


Sunday was game day. Have you ever played Uno Attack?
You must. I insist.

We played Old Maid too.
Scooby Doo style.
And yes, I Snap Chatted it.

Later in the week, we got dressed up for a day out on the town.
And yes. She came with me. : )

This weekend is full of happy.
Friday night we are having our friend Blueberry Mary in with my mother for Friday Lenten Fish Frys from our church. The kids call her Blueberry Mary because she and her late husband used to pick blueberries for us each summer. She is a sweet older lady who loves my kids. And they love her.

And Saturday!!!! Saturday is happy happy!
My girl is coming home!
She is flying into JFK on Friday night.
And...another happy!
My sweet and funny and kind blog friend Kathleen and her hubby are picking her up, and welcoming her into their home. Then we are all meeting on Saturday!
How happy is that?
My girl comes home, AND I get to meet a blogger friend I have been reading forever!
She and I share a love for Gene Rayburn and The Brady Bunch.
If that isn't instant friendship, I don't know what is. : )

So...that is what we are up to this weekend.
I hope your weekend is happy happy happy too!
Thanks for visiting! : )


  1. Your girl time sounds and looks like fun. I know you are excited to have Madison home again, and what a sweet thing for your blog friend to do for you. We all want to know.....are Madison and her fellow serious to the point of marriage??? Enjoy the whole weekend my friend.

  2. YAY! This is the best post. Cute outfit with boots, cute puppy, good activities, Madison's return to the US (even though I bet she's torn about coming home and leaving Nicolas) all such good things! (Fuller House is on Netflix now...) Have a superb weekend!

  3. Wonderful to have your daughter back home again, exciting times. There is nothing like a girls night in. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. So happy for you! I was wondering if Madison was ever coming home!!! Although I am going to miss all of her pretty pictures in my Instagram feed. Enjoy your weekend and your family!!!

  5. Yes your girls weekend sounds much better than the boys weekend. ;)
    I am so excited for you...your family will be together again tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about yiur weekend!!

  6. So, since Linda Eller bought it up....wanting --no, dying to know...about Madison and her beau. (wink)

    Your posts are always so full of joy and love, Billie Jo. And I got a good chuckle over that about the guys--my hubby worked for the Race Ministry and him and our son got to travel and meet amazing people. Blessings

  7. I like all of your weekend plans ... how fun that sounds, especially seeing the kid.

    We've not played Uno Attack. I love Uno and SKipBo.

  8. Oh, that darling pup and your sweet Flynn. Love them both!!

  9. Thrilled for you that you get to see Madison again. And how crazy exciting to meet Kathleen! So happy for y'all!

  10. What a fabulous weekend!! Enjoy every minute -- I know you will! :)

  11. Hi Billie Jo!

    Wow, I bet you are so excited to see your beautiful daughter, I'll bet you have butterflies in your tummy and tears in your eyes... :0) I have met a few of my blogging friends and it's like I had always known them, you will love it!

    Flynn of course is adorable . . . love the boots!!

    Have an even more wonderful weekend!


  12. Yay!!I was so excited to read this after our get-together is all said and done. I don't want to say too much...saving it for the post, you know. Great day today, my friend. Thanks for everything. Love you all!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So happy for you that your baby is coming home! and you get to meet a Blogging Buddy! WOW! P.S. Love that bow on Mocha!

  14. Love that little peach outfit with the snowflake on, and those boots? Adorable!

    We've played UNO Attack too...and the new Uno cards are SO different, we just bought the cards here, while on vacation, and I miss the cards from when I was a teen....Still a fun game to play though! :)


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