January 13, 2016

Our Winter Home

January. Time to pack away all the festive decorations and give the house a good cleaning before we begin our hibernation during the long, cold winter months. As sad as I am to see the Christmas Season end, a tiny part of me is ok with the bare, clean feel of our winter home. We still decorate...because...well...holidays are my thing. So snowmen it is. Until the red and pink hearts come out, of course. : )

The Hearth room seems empty, but also cozy...

with the lights still on the winter themed mantel.

Gone are my favorite little candy canes on the holiday tree...

replaced with just- as -sweet little snowmen.

Our old wooden table is scrubbed clean and left bare...

except for the snowflake candle tin that glows all day long.

Our Santa buffet is replaced with snowmen...

but some of the red and green wrapped candy remains. : )

Winter soaps...

and winter candles can be found scattered throughout our winter home...

but this Good Morning candle is our favorite!
It smells like fresh sweet and cinnamon muffins!

Happy and cozy winter, my friends!


  1. Thank you for sharing, you always make it so nice and welcoming, friend. Thank you for the many smiles. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  2. That is such a good idea to decorate for winter using snowmen, I am going to have a rummage to see what I can find. A great inspiration.

  3. Perfect! All the snowmen are so sweet and fun for Wintertime and I just want you to know I spent over an hour online yesterday searching for a cute Valentines Day Yankee candle for our home!!! I love all the season themed Yankee candles you have scattered around and I'm having too much fun finding ones for our home now ;)

  4. What an absolutely beautiful home! Love everything about it. Thanks for following me...I've repaid you in kind! Have a great day!

  5. It looks so pretty!! I love your house and the way you make is such a beautiful home!

  6. Every time I see a candle, I think of you!! I bought a Yankee candle with a 40% off coupon before Christmas and boy, they sure are better candles! It lasted 4 times as long and smelled so much stronger than the cheap knockoffs!!

  7. Oh I just love your cozy home decorated in snowmen.
    I took the valentines day stuff out yesterday but I may wait until,this weekend because I am enjoying the clean feeling of the home right now.

  8. Each season at your home is so pretty. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Hope your week is going smoothly.

  9. Snowmen is a lovely way to decorate in January! Enjoy your new candles! xx

  10. Hi Billie Jo!

    I love all your snowmen! I still have a few of them sitting around, but most everything is tucked away until next year. All of your candles must make your home feel very cozy, I love that about candles, they just make me happy. I too like the fresh clean feel of taking down everything for winter, but like you said, it's almost Valentine's Day!!



  11. Billie Jo, Snowmen always make me smile. They have such honest faces, don't they! Your home does look very cozy.

  12. Good evening Billie Jo,

    What fun that you decorate your home for winter. I still have the cut snowflakes I made in December on my front window.

    I always enjoy your cozy home posts.


  13. The snowflake candle tin and the snowmen on the buffet are my favorite. Such a lovely idea. I can't wait to decorate for Valentine's Day! (I don't have good winter decorations but I've got some good Valentine's ones!)

  14. I love decorating with snowmen too! All of Christmas is put away, but the snowmen stay for a few more months. Your home looks lovely as always! And I'm going to look for that Good Morning candle. It sounds divine! I noticed you have a Jack Frost candle. I love that one too!! : )

  15. Happy, cozy winter to you, too! Your home is gorgeous! xoxo

  16. Perfectly warm and cozy! Love it!! And love that you love bath and body and yankee candle as much as I do. ;) xoxo

  17. I love snowman! Everything looks wonderful! Stay warm :-)


  18. I love your buffet! Is it a vintage or antique piece?

  19. Your home has a sweet winter coziness...leaving out a few Christmas things is a great way of carrying on the warm inside feel. Love!!!

    Your blog is great, so glad I found it! :)

    Jane x

  20. I always loved getting into January (as an adult, not as a child). As you said, the bareness, the simplicity of the month, a time to go slow and just be. That candle must smell like heaven!!

  21. I love your winter decor. Snowmen are the perfect transition this time of the year.
    Your dining table is beautiful. We are big fans of benches too!

  22. Your home looks so inviting and cozy! Love all your snowmen decor! So cute!

  23. Your home... sparkling and so pretty for the long cold month of January. I love these cozy nights too. Not much to do but enjoy being together. I've GOT to get over to Bath and Body Works tomorrow for some winter soap!


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