12 December 2015

Time To Light The Pink One

We are off to Mass for the Third Sunday of Advent...and my little one is happy. Happy because tonight we will light the pink candle. And all will be right with her world. Tomorrow we will wrap gifts for loved ones, scrub bathrooms and bedrooms, and try a new recipe for a Hot Chocolate Poke Cake. Christmas is coming, my friends. Enjoy this blessed season!


  1. So pretty and ready for Mass. The tree is pretty too!

  2. I agree with Linda...so pretty and I just love her outfit and I see Rudolf as well!!! Thank you for the smiles, Billie Jo. Many Holiday Blessings to you, friend.

  3. Hi Billie Jo!

    What an exciting time in your house!! Christmas is such a wonderful season for remembering others and loving them as Christ does . . . What a great gift He has given us!!


  4. Hot chocolate poke cake yum. Let me know who it is!!
    Love Flynn's cute skirt!

  5. Flynn has such a magical childhood! You are the best Mom!

  6. So adorable! Have a blessed weekend!


  7. Not sure what chocolate poke cake is. The tree and your beautiful daughter are looking amazing, perfect for the season.

  8. Sounds like all is right in your world.
    Have a joyful Sunday!
    :) Hope

  9. "All will be right in her world!" Just as it should be in the life of a child. You are a wonderful mother for preserving that precious gift of innocence for your sweet girl!

  10. Flynn - and your tree! - are beautiful!!! xx

  11. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! And I think I see an Angel over there by your tree. ;) xoox

  12. and oh what a wonderful day that is!!:)
    sweet sweet sweet!
    have a happy day

    oh hi!:)


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