August 28, 2015

Ordinary Days

Our days this past week were all about getting ready for fall. We spent the last week of our summer relaxing and preparing for a new season and a new school year. : )

Fall clothes came for my girl...

and we went out for our annual Back To School Meal. : )

Flynn and Peyton enjoyed the biggest piece of chocolate cake ever. : )

And the manager was super kind...he spent some time showing Flynn...from a of the cute lobsters.

Fall goodies have arrived...and we are happy!

We also spent some time visiting Steve's beautiful mother, who is actually now a resident of the same lovely nursing home that my father called home the last years of his life. She is one of the most amazing women I know...having raised seven wonderful children, buried two husbands, and survived breast cancer. She is also one of the most devout women I know. : )

And I type these words, my firstborn is saying goodbye to her Nicolas and his wonderful family in beautiful Denmark and beginning her long trip home. Please keep her in your prayers...for a safe flight and for her aching heart as well.

Enjoy your ordinary days, my friends.


  1. Thank you for sharing your family with us, Billie Jo. I pray that the upcoming school year for you (and your family) will be productive and fun, keeping Madison in prayer as well. I love the fall items you have.


  2. Praying for your sweet Madison. What a neat picture of those two.

  3. It's so hard to believe Autumn is just around the corner! The mornings and nights are quite chilly here in the mountains and the leaves are starting to change color....where did summer go?

    Have a beautiful weekend, my friend! Hugs to you!

  4. I have started my Autumn preparations, there is a definite shift in the seasons. Praying for a safe trip for your beautiful daughter.

  5. Fall is a beautiful time of the year and I always look forward to it. A very nice picture of your hubby and his mother. I know Madison is ready to be home, just not ready to leave her Nicolas. I pray for safe travels. School beginning welcomes fall, fun, and cooler temps.

  6. Is it just me or does Flynn look just like your husband and his mother??? I see a very strong resemblance! I know Fall is your favorite time of year but I'm just not quite ready yet to say goodbye to warm and sunny weather!

  7. Beautiful ordinary (but not so ordinary) days post Billie Jo! Fall goodies... eeek! The one of Steve and his Mom. And then there's Madison, sigh. I"ll be praying today my friend. Hugs!

  8. Love the fall touches, especially the candy and now I'm really hungry! Prayers for your cute girl flying home. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. You really are starting to get ready for autumn! I haven't given it any thought yet! xx

  10. Praying for her safe trip home! Love all the fall goodies.... but I will miss summer this year, not ready for Ohio's winters! We get snow in October and I'm not a fan, lol. But boy do I love everything pumpkin related so that's always a plus.


  11. I so love the ordinary days and thrive on them. They allow me to breathe a bit and feel more settled. You are so on the ball with seasonal preparation and looking ahead. My only timeframe right now is 'baby time' and when this little one will arrive. I've created my "ideal" window of when that will happen, but as we know babies come on their own time. Until then, we're plugging through some schoolwork while wrapping up summer. It's a good use of time and helps the days pass as we wait. :)

  12. Without swim team in our picture this year, we have "normal" days, the kind I use to have when my oldest was maybe only in 5th grade. I welcome the normal back. Looks like your fall plans are under way! We still have high temps, so it is just too hard to bring on all things fall :) As I type this, I'm assuming Madison is now home safe and sound. Your MIL sounds amazing! What a strong person she is. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  13. I'm really looking forward to Autumn, too. Seeing so many bloggers buying Fall clothes and décor is getting me so pumped up. I will also say a prayer that your daughter arrives home safely. Have a lovely week ahead... :)

  14. I'm looking forward to Autumn, too. Seeing so many of my blogging friends buying Fall clothes and décor is really getting me pumped up. I will also say a prayer for your daughter that she returns home safely.

    Have a lovely week ahead... :)


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