July 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am thinking about...

...slowing time. Seriously. I am quite uncertain how it was May yesterday and now we are on the brink of August. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE this time of year...autumn is close enough to taste...back to school is closer and closer...but I am finding that these days are passing way too quickly. I know that there is no way to stop the passage of these fleeting summer days. I know that. So, I am making a vow to do the next best thing. If time won't slow down, I will. I will make a conscious effort to slow down every single day. I will challenge myself...and this is a big one for me...to live IN the moment. To sit still and watch my kids ride bikes. To sit on the porch and just be. I will stop the planning and racing and organizing in my mind. I will use the month of August to soak in all that I can of warm days and long nights. Of littles eating ice cream cones and staying up late. Of family meals grilled outside and afternoons spent watching movies. Join me won't you? Let's slow down. And just be. : )

Here is what we have been up to the past week here in our little corner of the world...

We went to a wedding on Saturday.

And here's me smiling because we were all ready on time!

We ate yummy pie on the porch...and this little guy was all about having some too!

Have you tried the Blackberry Lemonade at Wendy's?
You should.
You're welcome. : )

That's all.

We have been enjoying watching old game shows on GSN.
It is so fun!
We are loving Card Sharks and The $25,000 Pyramid. : )

New wallpaper in the laundry room.
Made me happy!

We had grilled summer meals...

and Peyton's perfect brownies too.

My little lady worked hard outside...

and then came in and had a warm bath followed by my very favorite smelling Baby Magic Lotion and fresh jammies and nighttime milk.
Ahhhhh. Childhood.

Happy Summer Weekend, friends!


  1. Baby Magic lotion! I have a big, pink bottle on the vanity upstairs for my sweetie pie, too. And the detergent. What do you use? I love Dreft...it smells like a little bit of heaven. Wish Yankee candle made that scent ;)

    Enjoy what is left of the summer. It is fleeting quickly. Our school books are due to arrive tomorrow. Did you hear the children shouting with joy? Me neither! LOL

  2. I think the decision to slow down and enjoy the moment is a super idea. Time always goes by entirely too fast. Loved seeing your family photos, but always do.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth Billie Jo! I've been thinking the exact same things. I need to slow down and quit racing around and enjoy these days with my kiddos more and plan some fun final summer field trips too.
    Keep with that plan Lady and just enjoy enjoy enjoy! Soak up every second. Sending your flowery, blue sky, fresh pie, soft night, firefly thoughts. xoxo

  4. I am feeling like summer is rushing me by too!! I have tried to just sit and watch my kiddos...and it's never enough! Time still goes...but I love watching them...so...

    LOVE that pink bottle of Baby Magic!! I can smell her right through the screen! My favorite thing is lotion after baths!!

    Thanks for checking in on me...I'm just doing what you talked about in your first paragraph, trying to enjoy summer...and NOT be on the computer! I do need to post soon though...You are so sweet!

  5. Enjoying summer also. Went to the beach yesterday. I feel so blessed to be able to be with the kids while husband works so hard. I tried to find the slow down button but it seems to keep going faster as I get older. I always thought my kids would be little forever.

  6. You know how to capture every moment! When your kids are gone, you will be able to look back and pride and joy that you cherished each season!

  7. I think I caught a whiff of that precious girl in her jammies and that wonderful lotion.

  8. Such a wonderful idea to slow down and enjoy the moment, they grow up all too soon.

  9. Your post made me smile! I didn't use to care for summer but I am enjoyed it more now. Thank you for sharing your pictures! I remember loving $25,000 pyramid!

  10. That post... well it's just a big... ahhhhh

  11. Looks as though you are having a great time in the moment, but I know what you mean about wanting to slow time, I cannot believe that it is July already! xx

  12. It seems we are all desiring to slow down and capture these days forever. How is it winter doesn't go by this quickly?! lol. Keep on enjoying your summer days and relaxing as much as possible. These days and weeks are busy here with so many activities and dr appts it seems. Every day gets us closer to September and new baby, but I'll keep on enjoying these days as much as possible. Take care, Billie Jo.

  13. Hi Billie Jo - yes summer is really flying past. So glad that you are making the mindful effort to be in the moment and enjoy your family. So important. Believe, those babies will be grown and gone before you know it. Truly. So glad you are enjoying summer. I love the smell of baby lotion and too and those old game shows are always fun during the lazy crazy days of summer!


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