13 July 2015

Flynn Grace...A Birth Story

Thinking back on the day our Flynn Grace was born always makes me so very happy. We had waited so long for the baby of our family, and that day was a culmination of our dream. My mother joined Steve and I early in the morning of November 19, 2009 as we set out for the hospital for our scheduled C-section. I was so happy to see our favorite nurse and friend who had arraigned for us to have a private suite at the end of the hall. I remember willing myself to take in every single detail. At 40 years of age, I realized this would more than likely be the last time I would be experiencing the joy of having a baby. It truly was bittersweet.

I remember the all the prep with a nice nurse. I remember being fine with it all. Until the catheter. I remembered how much I hate that feeling! And suddenly, I decided that I couldn't do it. And my mom smiled and reminded me it wasn't really an option. : ) I remember our friend who was the anesthesiologist arriving and calming me down before we headed to the operating room. I remember as if it were yesterday lying in that room, watching my blood pressure, which had been an issue the whole pregnancy, and my sweet doctor coming in and cheerfully saying good morning. : )

Steve arrived, and sat beside my head. Before I knew it, it had begun. It was time to meet our baby! I feel nothing during my C-sections. Not even the pulling or tugging they warn you about. The needle in the back that is another story. But soon enough, Steve stood up. I heard a cry...our baby was here! It was 8:24 AM on November 19, 2009. She came out facing away from my doctor, so Steve got the first view. He was the one who exclaimed, "IT'S A GIRL!!!!" And my nurse said, "She is beautiful!!!" And I remember asking if everything was alright. And they all replied that she was perfect. There was so much happiness in that room at that moment and I will never forget that moment I laid eyes on our baby for the first time. Ever.

Steve left with the nurse and the baby. I asked him not to tell the children what she was until I was there. It seemed as if it took forever to finish my surgery...I guess after four C-sections there was quite a bit of scar tissue...but finally I was back in my room with Steve and my mom and our new baby girl. I remember holding her. I do. I remember the nurse asking  what her name was. I said Flynn. Flynn Grace. She was here. And she was ours.

I remember my mother being there and being so happy. Our priest came and gave me and Flynn a blessing when she was but an hour old! And I remember my neighbor bringing cupcakes and pink icing for the kids to ice when they arrived. It was a magical morning.

We called the kids and told them they had a sister. They were so happy, and were quite interested in her name. : ) I found out later that my Rhett was disappointed that he didn't get a brother. But I will never forget the moment Steve brought the kids to meet their sister. The minute seven year old Rhett laid eyes on little Flynn, he fell in love. I actually saw it in his face. : ) They kids were thrilled! They took turns holding her and rocking her and even helping the nurse change her diaper. In fact, the nurse that taught Madison how to change Flynn's diaper was the same nurse who was with me thirteen years earlier when Madison was born.

I remember being so happy. So very happy. I looked around that beautiful hospital room and saw my dream. I saw my husband and all my children and my sweet mother there celebrating a new link in the unending chain of mothers and babies and life and family. I knew this moment was fleeting. And I knew we were blessed. Blessed beyond measure with our new baby Flynn.

Our baby...Flynn Grace. : )


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwww....such happy memories, Billie Jo. Thank you for sharing...have a beautiful Monday, my friend. Blessings

  2. Beautiful beautiful story. Just look at that sweet baby face. Wish I could go back to hold all my babies one more time! I told Colette she isn't holding her baby ever...I am stealing that baby.HA!

    I was almost 42 when my Ava was born! we be ol'mama's! These babies at the end are such sweet blessings. So thankful. Have a great day, bloggy friend!

  3. I had one at 40 and another at 45! My sister told me women who have children when older live longer healthier lives. Probably so we can see our babies as adults. :)

    Beautiful memory!

  4. This just melts my heart. I know those moments, when you just look around and all is well. You can just see the love and goodness. What a cozy feeling and such a gift in that time.

  5. A truly beautiful gift, a definite moment in your life to savour and share. God bless.

  6. What precious memories of such a blessed day. :)
    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a wonderful week ahead Dear Lady! xo

  7. Such a wonderful memory! You are a great example to me - I need to record what I remember of the births of each of my children. I was 36 when my last baby came - so I do understand what a total blessing those "caboose babies" are. Thank you for sharing this sweet memory.

  8. Awe! So special and sweet!! Stan the man was disappointed when he found out his new sibling was a sister...and we heard it on the phone, door slamming and all. I felt awful, but he soon fell in love as he held her in his arms.

  9. So beautiful! I remember everything about Juliana's birth and first few days as well...I knew she was my last and I wanted to take it all in.

  10. I love when you share memories of your children, and this one was very special indeed. She is the completion of your family for sure, and as beautiful today as the day she was born. Thank you for sharing.

  11. It never gets old either! I will be so very sad when our last baby is born and then there will be no more. We must treasure it and take it all in. Beautiful story!

  12. What a precious story! The moment our child is born... there is nothing like it in the world!


  13. Loved reading your story... and your nurse was right- she was (and is) beautiful!!

  14. Oh I was WAITING for this one. Worth the wait for sure!


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